Introduction to Sustainable Fat Loss & The 30-Day Challenge

by Dr. David Minkoff January 08, 2024 3 min read

Introduction to Sustainable Fat Loss & The 30-Day Challenge

Welcome to the Guide to Sustainable Fat Loss & 30-Day Challenge!

If you’ve ever had trouble losing weight, or keeping it off afterwards, this guide and challenge are for you.

This isn’t some quick fix to help you lose weight fast only to gain it all back again, or some miracle product that helps you lose weight but also harms you in some other way.

No, this is a very exact protocol that addresses the reasons you gained the weight in the first place, why it’s so hard to lose it, and why it’s so easy to gain it back again once you have lost it.

Even more, once you’ve lost the weight on this challenge, you will be in a position to easily keep it off, because you will know exactly what caused it in the first place.

They way this challenge and guide are laid out, you will first read an overview of what is happening in our bodies when we carry excess weight, what causes this and what we’ll be doing to address this, and then we’ll jump right into the protocol, diet and exercise regimen.

Then, once we’ve started on the challenge, you’ll read specific articles diving into various aspects of your body that cause you to gain or cause you to keep the weight, as well as articles covering what you will be experiencing at different points of the challenge and why.

This is because those who really understand what’s happening tend to get the very best results because they take it more seriously. They’re not just doing what they’re told to do, they understand why they’re told to do it and so it starts to come under their control.

Those who read the full guide were able to fully understand the protocol and achieve the full results, in some cases losing as much as 15 pounds in 30 days.

They weren’t hungry, they had higher energy levels, they felt better mentally, and they were much healthier overall.

Plus, they kept the weight off afterwards.

Knowing what you are addressing, why you are doing what you are doing, and what is happening within your body at different stages is KEY.

It gets you results and puts you in control of your health for the long term.

By the end of this 30-Day Challenge:

  • You will no longer have sugar cravings (or they’ll be almost gone).
  • You will have lost inches of body fat.
  • Your hormones will be much more balanced.
  • Your mood and energy levels will be higher.
  • Your muscle tone will have improved markedly.
  • And... you won't be gaining it all back again.

But even more importantly, at least for me, you’ll now understand yourself much more and you will be in control of your health.

So let’s get started.

We’re going to cover some key data, so you understand exactly what we’re doing and why, and then we’ll jump right into the protocol so you have time to prepare.

Go to The Key To Sustainable Fat Loss: Calories + Hormones.

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Index To The Guide To Sustainable Fat Loss:

Introduction & Getting Started:

  1. Introduction To Sustainable Fat Loss & The 30-Day Challenge
  2. The Key To Sustainable Fat Loss: Calories + Hormones
  3. The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge: Diet & Protocol
  4. The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge: Workout

Week One: 

  1. The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge Starts: Running Your Diet The Right Way
  2. Our Body Fat Is Made From Sugar — Not Fat
  3. Reversing Insulin Resistance & Speeding Fat Loss

Week Two:

  1. What's Causing Cravings For Sugar & Junk Food
  2. Digestion Is Key To Sustainable Fat Loss
  3. Cortisol: The Hormone That Makes Fat Loss Nearly Impossible

Week Three:

  1. How Poor Sleep Prevents Fat Loss
  2. Estrogen Dominance Prevents Fat Loss In Women & Men
  3. Raising Growth Hormone & IGF For Fat Loss

Week Four:

  1. Hunger Vs Cravings: When To Transition Out Of Fat Loss
  2. Transitioning From Fat Loss To Lean Body
  3. How Our Corn & Soy Based Diet Prevents Fat Loss

Week Five:

  1. Why Energy & Sleep Rise, And Stress Falls On The Fat Loss Protocol
  2. End of The Fat Loss Challenge, On To Lean Body/Lean Bulk

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