The Gut Health Guide & 30-Day Challenge

by Dr. David Minkoff September 10, 2023 3 min read

The Gut Health Guide & 30-Day Challenge

Welcome to the Gut Health Guide & 30-Day Challenge!

Our gut, from our stomach, through our small intestine, to our colon, is the first defense against poor conditions in the body.

And addressing gut health goes far beyond heartburn, acid reflux or digestive trouble.

An unhealthy gut leads to a majority of the physical conditions we see in society today.

It causes hormonal deficiencies and imbalances, raises cortisol levels, over-stimulates the immune system, reduces our lifespan and health span through its affects on our cells and DNA, causes intense cravings for sugar and junk food, makes both fat loss and muscle building harder than they should be, worsens our mood, causes mental and physical stress, not to mention causing heart burn, indigestion and other maladies. 

In this guide we give a complete protocol you will be on for the next 30 days, or possibly longer, while covering every aspect of our gut health, what is causing trouble, what that affects down the road, and how to handle it.

Knowing what you are addressing, why you are doing what you are doing, and what is happening within your body at different stages is KEY.

It gets you results and puts you in control of your health for the long term.

Over the next several weeks we will be releasing new parts of the guide that parallel your journey through the 30-Day Challenge, helping you to understand exactly what is happening and why.

Now, I can’t say that your gut will have gotten to full, tip-top shape by the end of 30 days.

That’s not possible. But your gut health will have significantly improved and the difference will be noticeable.

And if you continue on after this, you will reach the point of not only peak gut health, but very high physical health, energy levels, fitness levels, mood and longevity.

In this protocol we will be addressing digestion, heartburn, SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), candida, parasites, microbiome (beneficial bacteria), sleep, leaky gut and much more.

By the end of this 30-day protocol, and depending on the current state of your gut:

  • Digestion will have significantly improved and heartburn should be gone or noticeably lessened.
  • Bowel movements will have normalized.
  • Cravings for sugar or junk food should be gone or severely diminished.
  • Any extra inches around your waste caused by bloating from gas should be fully gone (this is a bigger deal than most people realize).
  • Hormones will be in much better balance.
  • Mood and energy levels will be much higher and stress levels will be lower.
  • It will be easier to relax, to fall asleep and to stay asleep.
  • Skin health will have improved, quite visibly in some cases.
  • Mental ability will have improved for some.
  • Longevity will have increased.
  • It will be much easier to lose fat on a diet. In fact, if you have trouble getting through the cravings on a diet, such as the 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge, this is the missing step.
  • It will be easier to add muscle, especially for those in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.
  • And, if you were to measure your HRV levels at the beginning of the challenge and then at the end, you will see that, at first, your HRV levels lower, as you’re body will be fighting off harmful micro-organisms and dealing with the free radicals, toxins and bio-toxins they release, but by the end it will have risen back up, possibly higher.

And, even more importantly, you’ll now understand yourself much more and you will be in control of your health.

So let’s get started.

We’re going to cover some key data for week one, so you understand exactly what we’re doing and why, and then we’ll jump right into the protocol so you have time to prepare.

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