The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge Diet & Protocol

by Dr. David Minkoff January 08, 2024 8 min read

The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge Diet & Protocol

Now we’re going to dive into the exact foods, supplements and protocols you’ll be following during the challenge.

Only Whole Foods: On this protocol we’ll only be consuming whole foods — no packaged, processed foods or processed sugars, not because of how many calories they have, but because of what they do to our hormones, making it harder to lose fat and keep it off.

There will be no protein bars, protein powders, or collagen powders. These will only get in our way on this protocol.

We need real foods and they need to be organic. We need real fruits, real vegetables and real meats — organic and grass-fed.

You will also be consuming more protein than you are used to and most likely will not be up to that at the very beginning. This is because the amounts of processed sugar and foods, and lack of enough protein that most people have had for decades, have lowered most people’s ability to fully digest proteins.

Digestive Enzymes: For this you will be taking digestive enzymes. These ensure the proteins and fats you consume are fully broken down so they can be used, which you will need to get through this successfully.

Omega 3: We will also need you taking Omega 3 fatty acids. I cover more on why these are necessary later on, but they are the one fat source that contributes to fat loss and counters another fat source. Note this is not Omega 3-6-9, but only Omega 3.

Cruciferous Vegetables & Green Salads: These have many functions, providing key nutrients to our cells and our microbiome (gut bacteria), as well as fiber for proper elimination.

But there is one more function most people don’t know about. They help to remove excess estrogen from the body (a hormone that heavily impacts fat loss).

In fact, their benefit is so much that you will not be counting calories from any cruciferous vegetablesor leafy greens in your macros. (You would count carrots, radishes and other vegetables still.)

Your meals must include at least one large salad (lunch) and one large serving of cruciferous vegetables per day. And for this, any dressing should be a vinaigrette — while you will need to count the calories for the olive oil, it is going to help you with fat loss.

And if you want more… have more, without adding them to your calorie count. That’s how important they are.

Transition Period: There is a transition period of a few days to a few weeks where your body readjusts. This is both to burning more fat than carbohydrates (sugars) for energy, but also hormonally.

The first part of this you will experience are the cravings for processed food or sugary foods. These are usually the heaviest between days 2-5. During this time your energy levels may go down a little bit, you may have trouble sleeping, and your mood may shift easily.

This is just withdrawals. Keeping in high protein and healthy fats and plenty of PerfectAmino is what will help you through this the fastest. So don’t skimp on these.

You will come out of it if you keep going. And you will be very happy that you did once you see how you feel.

And… if it seems that the cravings are too much of a problem, let's step back and look at the real problem here, okay?

What are you going to wear at the end of this??? And how are you going to pay for a whole new wardrobe????

Seriously! It's time to get online and start finding that suit or dress or pair of jeans or new shirts to wear when this is done!

Let's get our priorities straight here. These are the real problems.


We know that to burn fat we will need to cut calories to below what our body normally needs in a day.

Some will say these calories are too low.

They’re not.

In fact, many people do 3, 5 and 7 day fasts, where they eat nothing at all, and they are perfectly healthy.

And each pound of body fat contains over 3,000 calories in it, more than most people need in a day. So if we’re burning those… you’re getting plenty of calories.

It just won’t feel like that because you have hunger hormones out of balance and most likely some harmful bacteria and candida that will be crying out for sugar.

Cutting calories is necessary to reverse the hormonal situations which are causing this false hunger and preventing fat loss. It just won’t happen any other way.

Besides, this diet does do it faster than most. So you’ll get through the cravings stage pretty fast.

But realize something else. You’ve most likely been consuming processed foods for a long time. Your digestion is very possibly not up to snuff. You have been relying more on sugars than fats or proteins.

All of these things add up to your body consuming much more “food" than it actually needs, while at the same time not getting the full nutrition it needed from that food.

On this protocol, consuming only whole foods with digestive enzymes, you will most likely be giving your body much more nutrition that it normally gets despite eating less calories than normal.

This is so much so that your biggest problem will probably be getting it all in. Most people aren’t accustomed to this much whole-food protein these days. It satiates much more and you may not even make it to your full amount needed every day, in which case just get as close to it as you can.

So here we go.


PerfectAmino: You will be taking at least one serving for every 50 lbs of body weight while on this protocol plus one more serving. So if you weigh 150 lbs this would be 3 servings + 1 more = 4 servings.

If you experience extreme cravings on any specific day, take another serving of PerfectAmino on top of this — it will help considerably.

Your first two servings will be first thing in the morning before any food. Your next servings will spread throughout the day, up to 3 hours before you go to sleep, preferably between meals.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Take at least one gel cap for every 40 lbs of body weight unless there is fatty red-meat seafood each day (wild caught salmon is the best).

Digestive Enzymes: Start with 1 capsule per meal, but raise it to 2 capsules if you’re still experiencing digestive issues of any sort, and 3 per meal if still experiencing digestive troubles.

That's the end of the required supplements: PerfectAmino, Omega 3, and Digestive Enzymes. However, the following are also very helpful, and in some cases necessary, depending on each individual person:

Electrolytes: If you experience any bloating from water retention, take electrolytes, one serving per day. Water retention comes from too high sodium (salt), and the electrolytes balance that out. This will also help with any headaches or fatigue.

Sleep: If you have any trouble sleeping, take the Sleep supplement. A majority of fat loss occurs during the first few hours of sleep each night.

Eliminate: While the cruciferous vegetables should ensure there is no constipation, if there is at some point during the 30 days, or before starting, then take Eliminate as per instructions on the bottle.

Greens: Along with Leafy Greens and Cruciferous vegetables, these can only help.


We have some calculations to make now.

Below, you will find the exact amount of Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats you will be consuming per pound of body weight.

So you will first weigh yourself. Then you will take that number and multiply it by the amount of grams listed for each:

Carbohydrates: (your body weight) x 0.2 grams

Protein: (your body weight) x 0.9 grams (Note: this does not include PerfectAmino)

Fats: (your body weight) x 0.42 grams

Here's an example:If you weighed 150 lbs you would have:

Carbohydrates: 150 lbs x .2 = 30 grams

Proteins: 150 lbs x .9 = 135 grams

Fats: 150 lbs x .42 = 63 grams

Now we find whole food carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the amounts above for our daily food.

You may feel this is too little food. But how long has it been since you had a whole-food diet? It fills much more than you think, especially this amount of protein.

You may not even be able to consume it all daily. In that case, ensure you keep the protein levels high and take your digestive enzymes with each meal.

Also remember, you can have as much cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens as you want and these are not included in the above calories.

And if you have any trouble, make sure to ask for help in the VIP Group. We help many people with this there.



We want all carbs to be from natural sources.

No processed or packaged foods, and definitely no canned sodas or energy drinks as these will stop you in more ways than one.

No corn or soy.

No breads.

And no high glycemic sugars such as pineapple, honey dew, watermelon, etc.

Anything else is fine.


We want our fats to be healthy fats — no trans fats from packaged, processed foods.

Saturated fats are great, olive oil is great, avocados, nuts, butter, whole fat meats, wild caught fatty fish, cream, eggs, chia seeds, sea food.

No corn, soy, sunflower, safflower or sesame oils.

No Omega 6 oils.


We want our proteins to be Non-GMO and certified organic, free range, grass fed, grass-finished and wild-caught.

The reason we need them like this is because of what these animals are being fed and what that does to them: corn and soy.

The natural diets of cows, chickens and other livestock animals is grass, wildflowers, leaves, bugs, grubs, etc. NOT corn or soy.

Corn and soy are just much cheaper. But they completely change the Omega 6/3 fatty acid profiles of the meats and eggs from.

Omega 3 fatty acids lower cortisol and promote fat loss.

Omega 6 fatty acids raise cortisol and promote fat gain.

Animals fed their natural diet contain a balance of Omega 3 and 6.

Animals fed corn and soy (heavy Omega 6) have levels of about 17 or 20 Omega 6 to 1 Omega 3, making fat loss nearly impossible and ensuring weight gain no matter how much you exercise or try to diet.

This is one place that the type of food and how it impacts your hormones really trumps the amount of calories coming in.


No food after dinner — at least 4 hours before bed. 2-3 hours before bed take one more serving of PerfectAmino.

If you feel very hungry and absolutely have to have something, keep an apple nearby and have that.

But don’t skimp on the proteins, fats, or PerfectAmino. These are the three things that will make getting through your cravings the easiest.

In fact, start getting in your protein in the morning, it will make this process very easy.

Alright, that's it for that. If you have any questions, make sure to ask in the group

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Next we’re going to get into the workout you will be doing.

Go to The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge Workout.

And if you haven't already, make sure you join our PerfectAmino VIP Group, where you can ask all your health & fitness questions.

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