The Lean Body/Lean Bulk Guide & 30-Day Challenge

by Dr. David Minkoff March 10, 2024 4 min read

The Lean Body/Lean Bulk Guide & 30-Day Challenge

Welcome to the fully updated Lean Body/Lean Bulk Guide & 30-Day Challenge!

This guide and the accompanying protocol aim to achieve one of a few things, depending on what your goals are.

You may just want to attain a lean, toned and shaped body. An hourglass shape for women or a V-shape for men. This is the Lean Body portion of the protocol.

You may want to build significant lean muscle without adding excess body fat that has to be worked off afterwards through cutting or fasting.

Or you may what to achieve something somewhere in between.

That’s fine. This protocol was designed to be tailored to you — where you are at now and where you want to be — so you can achieve your goals.

But this isn’t just a program where you count calories and workout.


If we want to build lean muscle without the excess body fat of bulking, or attain a lean, toned and shaped body and keep it, we need to do more that.

We need to look at digestion, cravings, recovery, sleep, energy levels, blood flow and hormones.

The diet is specifically designed to raise levels of our fat burning and muscle building hormones, while lowering our fat-creating and muscle-destroying hormones to normal levels where they should naturally be.

We improve digestion to ensure you are getting all the nutrition from the food you eat and so poorly digested proteins don’t raise your cortisol levels.

We address sleep and recovery to ensure growth hormone is releasing properly at night for maximal recovery along with IGF-1, your primary fat burning hormone.

And we help balance the hunger hormones so that you are able to eat as much food as your body needs to build muscle and lean out, but not feel hungry for more food than is needed, as well as quickly get you over cravings for any processed or high sugar foods.

All of these are necessary to achieve and maintain our goals, as well as for overall health and longevity.

There are also different levels of intensity for your workout regimen depending on if you are just beginning or if you’re already an advanced weight lifter or would like to be.

To ensure you get the very best, we’ve partnered with Korey Rowe of The Dogpound, the premiere boutique personal training facility in NY and LA.

Korey is Director of Operations and head trainer at The Dogpound, and one of the most sought after personal trainers working today. He has both approved the nutritional protocol for this program and engineered the workout regimens.

Those who have done this program reported that they:

  • Gained significant lean muscle while also leaning out to the degree that they wanted, or achieved a lean, toned and shaped body.
  • They weren’t hungry, had higher energy levels, felt better mentally and were much healthier overall.
  • They were getting deeper, more refreshing sleep.
  • Their digestion was much improved.
  • They were more in control by the end of the challenge, meaning, their hormones had rebalanced to a degree that they knew what they could eat and how it would affect them. So if they wanted to splurge for a day, they could, and they knew exactly what it would do and exactly what they needed to do to remove any excess body fat gained afterwards, if any was.
  • And, as their hormones were more balanced, if there was any excess fat gained again, they could lose it very quickly as their body was now set up to do so.

But even more importantly (to us), by the end of this challenge you will likely be the healthiest you have been in a long time. 

And, due to the information released and your own view of yourself during the program, your understanding of how to keep your body healthy will have greatly increased and you will be in control of your overall health and longevity.

Because, ultimately, that’s what we want.

So let’s get started.

We’re going to cover some key data, so you understand exactly what we’re doing and why, and then we’ll jump right into the protocol so you have time to prepare.

If you haven't read Hormones: The Third Dimension Of Calorie Counting, you should read that first.

Then go to The Lean Body/Lean Bulk Diet.

And if you have any questions, make sure to join our VIP Group where you can ask any question you have and get only the best answers.

Index To The Lean Body/Lean Bulk Guide:

Introductory Articles:

  1. Is It Possible To Build Lean Muscle Without Cutting?
  2. The Diet Of The Golden Age Body Builders

Getting Started:

  1. The Lean Body/Lean Bulk Guide & 30-Day Challenge 
  2. Hormones: The Third Dimension of Calorie Cutting
  3. The Lean Body/Lean Bulk Diet

Supplements & Macros By Goal:

  1. Supplements & Macros For Lean Body
  2. Supplements & Macros For Beginner To Moderate Lean Bulking
  3. Supplements & Macros For Advanced Lean Bulking

Workout Regimens & Exercise Videos:

  1. Beginner to Moderate Level Workout Regimen
  2. Advanced Workout Regimen
  3. Lean Body/Lean Bulk Exercise Videos

Week One:

  1. Metrics & Key Data For Week One
  2. How BCAAs Build Body Fat & Lower Health Over Time
  3. The Importance Of Complete Protein Digestion

Week Two:

  1. Dialing In Our Macros For Lean Muscle: Hormones & Cravings
  2. How Cortisol Breaks Down Muscle & Prevents Protein Synthesis
  3. How To Improve Growth Hormone, Testosterone & Protein Synthesis

Week Three:

  1. Thyroid, Estrogen & Progesterone: Speeding Fat Loss & Lean Muscle Creation
  2. Improving Sleep: Muscle Building, Fat Loss, Mood & Aging

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