End of The Fat Loss Challenge, On To Lean Body/Lean Bulk

by Dr David Minkoff February 12, 2024 5 min read

End of The Fat Loss Challenge, On To Lean Body/Lean Bulk

Well done on completing the 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge!

This is no small achievement!

And while you may feel and look different on the outside... on the inside things are even more different.

We’ve balanced hormones and repaired or replaced trillions of cells.

We’ve removed fat not only from our fat cells, but from our blood vessels, where it can thicken our blood, causing more work for our heart.

We’ve removed fatty deposits from our organs such as our liver and kidney, where it can make them less efficient or prevent them from doing their job. (Not good.)

We’ve built lean muscle and, at least to a degree, changed our body form.

We’ve improved digestion and the microbiome, the most important gatekeepers for our overall health.

And we've set ourselves up, if we maintain our current lifestyle, for not only sustainable fat loss, but a long and healthy life.

In short… we’ve done a lot!

But what do we do now?

Are we done? Are we not done? Is there something else to help lose those last stubborn bits for the lean toned body we want?

Let's see.

The first thing to do, if you haven’t already, is take measurements around your waist, and pictures, to compare to our beginning measurements and pictures.

This is where we see the difference.

Remember, your weight may have gone down. Or it may not have.

It may have even gone up.

It doesn’t matter.

Did you lose inches? If you did, then you lost body fat and improved your health. And if you also gained weight, that means you added muscle that you needed along the way.

So take those measurements!

And make sure to share in the VIP Group!

Alright, now where do we go from here?


Everyone started this challenge at a different place. And no one will be finishing at the same place.

For many we may have lost body fat, but also have more to go still, or more we’d like to lose.

Well, let’s differentiate here. Do we have a little bit more and it’s stubborn? Or have we done well, but there’s really just more to go and it’s still coming off?

These are two different situations.

If you know you have more to go, and it is still coming off relatively easy as you go along (maybe slower, but we’re still losing it), then just continue, you’re doing great!

But one thing on this: don’t change your macros. Even if you’ve lost weight— don’t change them.

Keep the same macros that you started with and just keep going.

This is because you haven’t just been losing body fat, you’ve also been gaining muscle. Muscle that is necessary to continue to lose body fat and also to craft the body form you want.

And the more muscle you add, the more muscle there is that needs to be fed.

In this case, cutting your macros just because you lost weight won’t help. It will actually harm you to a degree, and your fat loss, as the muscle won’t have enough of what it needs to repair itself after your workouts or keep itself fueled.

And that would increase cortisol levels again, something we worked so hard to lower.

So just keep going on your starting macros as you have been.

Then, when you get to the point where you start feeling hungry — not just a tiny bit now and then, but, “Oh, I’m hungry. I need food now” — and fat loss has slowed, at that point it’s time to re-evaluate.

You won’t have felt hungry like that for some time now.

So once you get there. Or, if you’ve already arrive there, it’s time to look at what comes next.


We know from this article that when we’ve lost most of the body fat we wanted to lose, and we’re feeling actual hunger now, and fat loss has slowed or stopped… it’s time to move onto the next phase of the protocol in order to keep making gains.

It’s time to Transition from Fat Loss to the Lean Bulk/Lean Body Protocol.

Lean Bulking isn’t just about adding Lean Muscle without the excess fat.

(And if you’re a woman who doesn’t want to “look muscly,” you won’t.)

It’s where you lose the last bits of stubborn body fat you want to get rid of (to a healthy level), by adding lean muscle.

How much lean muscle? That’s up to you.

But this lean muscle helps to burn the last bits of excess fat and also helps to shape and tone our body into what we want.

And we adjust it to you.

So if you only want a flat stomach and hourglass shape, you do that with the Lean Body Protocol.

And if you want to build lean muscle with a perfect triangle shape and cut abs, then the Lean Bulk protocol is for you.

But first, start with the transition protocol, and then go from there.

And if you have any questions about how to do this, make sure to ask in the Group.

And if you haven't already seen our 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge, check it out.

It's a lot of fun, and to ensure you have everything you need we've set up special Fat Loss Product Bundles with a 15% - 30% discount for those participating in the challenge.

Just make sure to use the code FATLOSS at checkout for 15% off.

Alright, onto the next stage!

Alright, message us in the Group if you have any questions or need anything. And you can also share your progress there and see others' progress.

And on the Diet & Protocol page you'll find a code you can use to purchase any missing items you may need, and you can save at least 15% when purchasing a 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge Package.

And if you haven't seen the Guide To Sustainable Fat Loss & 30-Day Challenge, check them out.




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  2. The Key To Sustainable Fat Loss: Calories + Hormones
  3. The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge: Diet & Protocol
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Week One:

  1. The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge Starts: Running Your Diet The Right Way
  2. Body Fat Is Made From Sugar — Not Fat
  3. Reversing Insulin Resistance & Speeding Fat Loss

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  2. Digestion Is Key To Sustainable Fat Loss
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  2. Transitioning From Fat Loss To Lean Body
  3. How Our Corn & Soy Based Diet Prevents Fat Loss

Week Five:

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  2. End of The Fat Loss Challenge, On To Lean Body/Lean Bulk

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