The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge Starts: Running Your Diet The Right Way

January 13, 2024 6 min read

The 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge Starts: Running Your Diet The Right Way

Welcome to the 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge!

By now you should have done your shopping, know what you’ll be making for meals (mostly), stocked up on minimally your PerfectAmino, Omega 3 and Digestive Enzymes, and be ready to go!

And if not… that's fine, you still can. Just follow the earlier article on Diet & Protocol and jump in as soon as you’re ready.

In this launch article we cover a few key things to think with when starting: How to address cravings that will come up, some important information, and generally how to run the challenge.

Then at the end we cover what metrics to use to measure progress, and this is key.

So make sure to read this article fully before getting started!


As you probably know, the first and hardest part of any diet is overcoming the cravings we have for sugar and junk food when we lower our calories.

We have to come off them if we want to lose weight, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lot of fun.

Well, this protocol is designed to get you through these cravings as quickly and painlessly as possible. But only if you follow it exactly.

Remember, if you have excess body fat to lose, then your body doesn’t actually need extra food. It says it does… but it’s lying.

Every pound of fat on your body contains about 3,500 calories — more than a 250 pound man needs on an average day.

So, along with the food you will be eating, plus your PerfectAmino, your body has more than enough food to live on. Much of it is just stored as body fat (AKA old food).

If you want to lose this old food, then you need to force your body to eat it instead of new food.

Okay, but then why are we hungry during a diet if we have enough "old food"?

This comes from a few things, each of which will be covered more in depth over the next couple of weeks, but which I’ll touch on here.


First, your cells are structured to take in the type and amount of food you have been eating, and not the type and amount you haven’t.

So if you’ve been eating higher carbs, and lower fats and protein, then your cells are structured to take in high amounts of carbs, but not structured to be able to take in high amounts of fats or proteins.

So if you take away the carbs, and increase proteins and fats, your cells will literally not be able to take it all in at first, because they’re not structured to take in as much fat and protein as you’re giving them.

The nutrition the cells need is sitting there, but it can't get in fast enough. So they cry out for the sugar that they can take in easily.

So the cells need to restructure themselves. That happens with protein and is one reason we have such high amounts of PerfectAmino here. We want the restructuring to happen fast, for your sake, and PerfectAmino does it faster than anything else.

So don’t skimp on your PerfectAmino.


Next we have actual hunger hormones. And if you're ever hungry when you've already eaten, then these are out of balance, making you feel hungry when you’re not. Maybe even when you’re actually quite stuffed with food you just ate.

What gets these back in balance?

A few things: Reducing calories for a period of time, high levels of protein (PerfectAmino again), and Omega 3 fatty acids. Also fasting. But you may not be wanting to do that right now, and that’s fine, because the PA, Omega 3 and calorie reduction will do the trick.


Lastly we have SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) and Candida.

This is harmful bacteria and fungi that have taken root in our small intestine. And they thrive on carbohydrates and processed sugars.

But, just as our cells can communicate via our nervous system to our brain, telling us what they need or want, so to can these harmful bacteria and candida.

So, on this diet, when they start getting less carbs than they're used to or need so they can survive, and start dying off because of this… they communicate that pain to our brain and we get their “upset” and “emotion” on this.

This is something we just have to get through, but the digestive enzymes will help, along with taking away their food source — heavy carbs.

And if their reaction is very bad (which it may be if you've lived on high levels of processed sugars for some time), we also have Gut Defense which is specifically designed to destroy these harmful bacteria.

Just ask about it in the group.


So here are the most important things to remember:

Take your PerfectAmino. Don’t miss on this. 2 servings first thing in the morning and the rest spread throughout the day up to 3 hours before sleep time.

Take your Omega 3. And the more fatty red fish you can eat (salmon), the easier it will make things for you.

Take your Digestive Enzymes with each meal.

And DON’T skimp on the protein. Start your day with it and take the Digestive Enzymes to ensure your stomach is fully breaking it down so you get all the nutrition you need from it.

Next in priority is fats. These are actually very satiating. So don’t skimp on these either. As we’ll cover in the next article, it’s not fat that makes us fat, it’s sugar. Or at least too much sugar, and processed sugars especially.

But protein is king. If you can’t eat it all, that’s fine. But don’t skimp on it in place of carbs.

Also, while you need to ensure you’re consuming plenty of water, don’t drink right after eating as this can cause digestive trouble.

Drink water no less than 20-30 minutes before eating food or about 30 minutes to an hour after.

If you get any headaches, take 1 serving of electrolytes and they should go away.

And make sure you get plenty of sleep.

Okay, let's get into the metrics to keep track of and then let's get started!


Day One:

We do not use the scale as it doesn't tell us what we need to know. Instead we take measurements.

Take a tape measure (or a length of string that you can mark or cut) and wrap it around your waist at your belly button.

Don't pull it tight so that it squishes into your skin, but just lay it against your waist to get the best measurement you can.

Then note that down on a piece of paper. (And keep the paper!)

Next, position yourself in front of the mirror of your bathroom in such a way as to take 2 photos of your self without your shirt on.

Take one photo from the front and one photo from the side.

And make sure you mark where you stood exactly, because you’re going to be taking these photos again, each week, along with your waist measurement, for the next 30 days!

Also, if you’re a woman, I would recommend wearing a sports bra or something you’re comfortable in for two reasons.

First, that you may want to show off your progress at the end of this.

But also, sometimes during a diet, even though our waist line has gone down 2 or 3 inches or more, we just don’t quite believe it and we need a friend to look at the before and after pictures to verify our eyes are working correctly.

You don’t have to, but I highly recommend it. And many people like showing them off in the group.


Let us know if you have any questions or need anything in the Group. You can also share your progress there and see others' progress.

And on the Diet & Protocol page you'll find a code you can use to purchase any missing items you may need, and you can save at least 15% when purchasing a 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge Package.

Okay, that’s all. Make your measurements, take your photos, have your PA and let’s get started!

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