Week Two: Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss - Two Very Different Things

by Dr. David Minkoff January 19, 2023 3 min read

Week Two: Fat Loss vs. Weight Loss - Two Very Different Things

In Week Two of the Fat Loss Challenge we start coming to the other side of the cravings we had during Week One and into actual fat loss.

But there are a few things to know in order to ensure we're getting real results. 

There is a reason this is the Fat Loss Challenge and not the Weight Loss Challenge.

Usually when someone wants to be thinner, trimmer, fitter-looking, they say: “I need to lose weight.”

And that’s the first error, because weight loss is not necessarily the same as fat loss.

Yes, you can absolutely lose weight when losing body fat.

But you can also lose weight without losing any body fat.

And you can lose body fat — and inches around your waist — without losing any weight, or even while gaining weight.

Yes, your waist size went down a few inches or more, but your weight stayed the same or even went up a couple of pounds.

All of this can happen during successful fat loss, and you need to know this or you may think you’re not doing well when you really you are.

This is why we don't follow the scale in this challenge to determine results. We only look at waist measurements or before and after pictures. They show the truth, the scale may not. 

I’ve seen someone lose 3 inches around their belly button in a week. They know they did. They measured it themselves. But… the scale said they hadn’t lost any weight. So they “knew” the diet it wasn’t working and abandoned it.

Don’t make the same mistake as them.

But why is it that we can not lose weight, or even gain it, while losing so much fat?

This is because we’re not just losing fat, but at the same time building muscle — muscle you will also need if you want to achieve a lean, toned body.

And one pound of muscle takes up less space than one pound of body fat, because muscle is denser than fat.

So you can lose fat, add muscle, and look much thinner while also being healthier and weighing the same as you did before or more.

That's why measuring yourself around the belly button, or taking weekly pictures to compare week to week progress, is the best way to measure actual results. 

Also, our body’s absolutely do need body fat, just a healthy amount. But, without muscle, this fat would hang down more. It’s muscle that holds it all in its proper place.

And, of course we need added muscle for the fat loss itself. Because muscle burns fat. In fact, it burns body fat more than anything else. The more muscle you have, the more daily fat-burning power you have.

This doesn’t mean you’ll gain a significant amount of muscle on this challenge. Some will and some won’t, depending on where they’re starting personally.

With this Fat Loss protocol we’re just looking to fix nutrition and cellular function, balance hormones, lose body fat, and add the muscle you need to help burn fat and keep it off, as well as start forming the shape you want.

Then, to continue shaping up with added lean muscle, you will move onto Lean Bulking, which is its own protocol.

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