8 Simple Tips To Launch and Supercharge Your Spring Fitness Transformation Plan

by Andrew Schachter April 02, 2018 2 min read

8 Simple Tips To Launch and Supercharge Your Spring Fitness Transformation Plan

The importance of physical fitness cannot be emphasized enough. It offers a cornucopia of benefits. This is the perfect time of year to spring into a new fitness plan with these great tips.

  1. Stay off the scale. Remember there is a difference between “weight loss” and “fat loss” and small, short term changes are likely due to water weight or changing glycogen levels. Give your body at least a solid week between weigh-in's. Look for consistent, steady, and gradual changes towards your goal weight every 2 – 4 weeks.
  2. Have realistic expectations. If your goal is weight loss, you didn't gain all that weight overnight, don't expect it to come right off. Remember weight loss (or gain) is a process; stay consistent and your results will come.
  3. Adopt an 80/20 rule. Consider adopting the 80/20 rule (also called the “Pareto Principle”). No one can motivate 100% of the time. Consider doing your best to be committed to your goals 80% of the time. It’s about developing a positive relationship with food and exercise that doesn’t involve guilt.
  4. Don’t over train. Over training can lead to fatigue and will have a negative impact on your goals. Results are more a function of quality, not quantity. Give your body time to rest and recover as needed and it will thank you for it.
  5. Fuel responsibly. You are what you eat, results start in the kitchen. Respect your body by fueling it with natural supplements, whole foods and remember to watch your portion sizes. Eighty per cent of maintaining the body you want comes down to what you eat rather than how hard you train.
  6. Stop calorie counting. Calorie counting is restrictive and takes you down a dis-empowering path when it comes to what your putting in your body. Instead focus on quality whole foods with high nutritional value and superior natural supplements.
  7. Aerobic/Anaerobic balance. Being healthy and fit or being on a weight loss program is NOT all about the cardio. Toning is just as important. Consider planning a healthy balance between your cardio activities and your weight training ones.
  8. Above all else have fun. Train with friends, family or groups. Get creative and have fun with your food. These simple activities support altering your lifestyle to one that allows for sustainable results.

We compiled this list of 8 tips to support you in building a strong foundation of success in your fitness journey.

Andrew Schachter
Andrew Schachter

Andrew Schachter is the Director of eCommerce, Affiliate manager, SEO manager & eBay Channel manager at BodyHealth. Andrew is an avid cyclist, 25 year veteran of eCommerce and is eager to share his knowledge and expertise int he areas of nutrition and biohacking. Andrew is a graduate of the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!) and has a degree in communication with concentrations in digital media and marketing. Also a certified Life Coach, he brings decades of experience in health, wellness and nutrition to BodyHealth.

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