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Do you have Digestive Problems?

BodyHealth has solutions. Whether you're suffering from indigestion/heart burn, leaky gut, constipation, or concerned you're not getting all the nutrition from the supplements you're taking, we have products to clean, repair, and restore you're entire digestive system.Ā 

Your digestive system is so important to optimal health. An imbalance can be the source for many common symptoms such as brain fog, low energy, bloating, headaches, body aches, and much more. More importantly, if not addressed, these manifest into serious and chronic disease.

Not to worry! We have an arsenal of products that can help you.Ā Looking for more information on these products, keep reading below...

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Full Spectrum Digestive Support:

Do you have Gas, GERD, Acid Indigestion, Heartburn, Bloating, or Acid Reflux Symptoms?Ā 

Ever wonder what is heartburn? What causes acid reflux? What is GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease?

We're told we have too much acid, we feel it, and we'reĀ prescribed acid blockers. But did you know those are only supposed to be taken in near emergency situations? That you must discontinue use after 5-6 weeks? And that, while they make you feel better on an immediate basis, they actually work to exacerbate the problem they're meant to handle?

You see, heartburn, acid reflux, indigestion and GERD aren't symptoms of too much acidā€¦ They're symptomsĀ of not enough acid. They occur when we don't have enough acid to break down our food and so it backs up.Ā 

Acid blockers further lower the acid in our stomach and this leads to the inability to digest food and absorb nutrients, and from there, a dwindling spiral of overall health, gradually lowering over time.Ā 

So what's theĀ solution?Ā FULL SPECTRUM DIGESTIVE SUPPORT and balance your pH, restore your digestive enzymes and manage your esophageal sphincter to give your body what it actually needs for proper, healthy digestion!

BodyHealth Intestinal Cleanse:

Do you have frequent Constipation? Well, it's not only painful ā€” it's actually unhealthy.

The human body needs to move its bowels at least once or twice a day. They should be nice, comfortable and provide relief. But what happens if you donā€™t? Well, your waste has to go somewhere. And, unfortunately, it does ā€” Itā€™s reabsorbed.Ā Yes -- actual toxic waste, sitting in your bowels, marked for elimination... is being reabsorbed.

The health issues this alone causes are too many to count.

What isĀ the solution?Ā Check out BodyHealth's INTESTINAL CLEANSEā€¦Ā  Gentle, yet effective, this cleanse helps to clean out your intestines for proper function, removal of toxic waste and overall health!

Perfect Immune Defense Probiotic:

Unhealthy gut?Ā Recently on antibiotics?

Then you need to take action. 90% of your Immune System lives in your gut as beneficial bacteria ā€” if it even is beneficial bacteria living in your gut. Because unfortunately, it may be harmful bacteria.

You see, when you take antibiotics, or consume processed food or water with herbicide residues, or food high in sugars, the good bacteria canā€™t survive and harmful bacteria move in. These harmful bacteria then cause you to crave more of what they thrive on, increasing in number and causing a deteriorating condition ā€” and this leads to all kinds of problems, not just poor health.

What is theĀ solution?Ā Check out PERFECT IMMUNE DEFENSE PROBIOTICā€¦.Ā  This is a powerful probiotic with 11 strains of live, colony-forming beneficial bacteria, including 2 that are spore-based.Ā 

And they come in a digestive-resistant capsuleĀ to ensure theĀ beneficial bacteria actually make it to the intestines without being killed by stomach acid.Ā 

Take this every day and get your digestion back on track!

Now click any of the products below to learn even more about them and to purchase. Remember! Use code: DIGESTION at checkout to save up to 34%!