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Reverse sagging crepe skin now. Brittle & Weak Hair, Skin, Bone, Nails & Lashes too!

Crepe skin has a thin, wrinkled surface that resembles crepe paper.

It can be caused by ultraviolet light damage, aging, genetics, dry skin, smoking and pollution, or large amounts of fast weight loss.  The most common reason for this though is protein deficiency (Essential Amino Acids to Be Precise)

Your body builds skin, hair, nails, lashes, etc.  from collagen.  Collagen is a body protein.  Your body needs Essential Amino Acids to make any body protein.


Boost your collagen production now with PerfectAmino for stronger hair, skin, bone, nails and lashes.  Don't forget Perfect CALM - Magnesium is crucial in over 350 body functions including the creation of body proteins.

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