The Longevity Protocol: Reversing Biological Age

by Dr. David Minkoff June 12, 2023 9 min read

The Longevity Protocol: Reversing Biological Age

We’ve covered a lot now in the Longevity Series.

In this article we're going to refresh on what we've learned, and then go over the Longevity Protocol to help reverse Biological Aging, and increase Lifespan and Healthspan.

To summarize, your body is made of 10’s of trillions of cells. It’s nothing but cells.

And the health and longevity of these individual cells determines how long you will live healthy, strong, with high energy and doing the things you want to do.

While we have our chronological age (our age in years), we also have our biological age (the age of our body according to its internal longevity markers).

Our biological aging can be sped up, slowed down and even reversed.

And this determines both our lifespan, how long we’ll live, and our healthspan, how long we’ll live in a healthy, active state.

And this is all determined by the health of our cells and, more importantly, the health of a limited number of cells called stem cells which exist to replace injured cells throughout our life.

So let’s dive in for a quick refresher.


When a cell is injured, or dies, your body has a solution — specific cells you were born with called stem cells. These cells contain the full blueprint of every type of cell in your body, so when a new cell is needed, no matter what it is, these stem cells divide, creating a new cell of the exact type needed.

This blueprint is your DNA, and it’s contained in tiny thread-like structures called chromosomes. Each chromosome houses a specific part of the DNA.

And on the tip of these chromosomes is something called a telomere. If chromosomes were like shoelaces, telomeres would be the plastic tips at the end of them.

Every time a specific stem cell divides, a tiny piece of this telomere is cut off, until there is no telomere left and the stem cell can no longer divide.

And that’s the problem. While we’re born with all of our stem cells, we only have so many of them, and their telomeres can only be cut about 62 times before that stem cell can no longer divide.

Now, look at how important this is: every time we get a cut, every time we walk down the stairs creating tiny micro-fractures in our bones, every time we’re ill, our stem cells must go to work replacing the dead or injured cells.

And they go on replacing them, throughout our life, until there are no more stem cells active, at which point our body can no longer repair itself from normal wear and tear throughout the day.

This is aging.

But we can speed this process up, or slow it down, depending on how well we take care of our body.

This doesn’t mean we can’t live. By all means, go running, workout, go on adventures.

But there are specific things that harm our cells more than anything else, and which do so needlessly, speeding up the aging process over time.

Toxins can kill cells, plug them up so they can’t take in nutrients or release waste, disrupt hormones so cells don’t get the messages they need for survival, or create free radicals (unstable molecules) that can then damage cells to the point they must be replaced.

The more toxins we take in and carry in our body, the more of this damage occurs.

Processed sugars and high omega 6 foods, as in soy and corn-based packaged foods, also injure our cells.

Harmful bacteria injure our cells directly, and also through the creation of free radicals.

Even just being low in amino acids, the main nutrients needed to help repair injured cells, or healthy fats, can lead to cellular death due to our body not having what it needs to repair injured cells.

And how much this occurs in our body during our life determines how fast our stem cells are being used up.

It may takes decades to see the effects, because there are still stem cells there to help replace dying cells, but inside our bodies, this is what’s happening.

This is why children heal so rapidly whereas, when we get older, it can take longer. They have more available, active stem cells.

But there aren’t just elements that harm our cells. There are also elements that protect our cells from this harm.


Just as free radicals act to injure cells and dismantle them, antioxidants help to protect cells from free radicals.

Antioxidants are found in vitamins such as vitamins C, E, A, CoQ10, selenium, beta carotene, and others.

They’re in fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, blueberries, spinach, artichokes and many more.

Our Greens & Reds Powders are made from concentrated extracts filled with antioxidants known as bioflavonoids which help to protect our cells from not just free radicals, but also from harmful bacteria.

And our Multi Complete contains the full spectrum of vitamins necessary for cellular health and for protection against free radicals.

But there’s more…


Toxins and free radicals can also harm DNA itself, smudging the instructions on the blueprints so that the structures built from them aren’t quite what was ordered.

If the DNA is a record and RNA is the record player, reading out the instructions of the new cell this stem cell must build, then we could say that toxins and free radicals make scratches on the record, so it skips, or replays or just doesn’t sound right here and there.

But DNA is made of nucleic acids, and when we take in more nucleic acids, as found in Nu Cell in a concentrated form, our stems cells are able to help repair the scratches in the DNA, so the record can play correctly again.

Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse is important here as it not only helps remove the toxins and free radicals causing damage to the cells ad DNA, it also helps to protect the cells and DNA from further damage.

And, of course, the essential amino acids are the building blocks of the cells, being formed into new proteins according to the instructions of the DNA.

Without these, in the quantities needed, our body couldn’t repair muscle tissue, create needed hormones, repair bone, create neurotransmitters for nerve communication, repair injured cells, create immune cells to protect against harmful bacteria or viruses, and much more.

There is even a specific enzyme (chemical in the body that creates reactions) called telomerase. This enzyme, discovered only recently, has the ability to re-lengthen telomeres.

And it’s made out of… amino acids.


In short, if we give our body what it needs to repair itself, lengthening the lifespans of our individual cells, while still living active, adventurous lives…

And if, at the same time, we keep out of our bodies the things that harm our cells and speed up the use of our stem cells, or make the blueprints unreadable…

We can not only extend our lifespan and health span, we can actually reverse our biological age, bringing our overall health back to a newer, younger level: in looks, energy levels, strength, health and much more.

So let’s see what we have to do.


  1. The first thing is obvious: get off any process sugars and processed, packaged foods high in Omega 6. Over the span of decades these cause considerable trouble to your cells and are actually two of the largest causes of lowered health in America. It’s actually quite SAD: the Standard American Diet.
  2. Instead, we need to eat whole foods and a balanced diet of organic and grass-fed meats, a variety of green, orange and yellow vegetables, and fruits and berries. These contain amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, healthy fats, both saturated and unsaturated, and even nucleic acids.
  3. But also, due to the low level of nutrients even in organic fields today, providing less nutrition to the plants to pass onto us, it’s important to supplement our diet with the vitamins and antioxidants our cells need. One serving each of Multi Complete, Greens and Reds provide enough vitamins and antioxidants to help maintain and protect our cells against free radical damage and harmful bacteria.
  4. Nu Cell is a very specific formula of Nucleic Acids. Where Essential Amino Acids are the building blocks of proteins, Nucleic Acids are the building blocks of DNA and RNA, and Nu Cell, taken once per day, helps to reverse the damage done to these blueprints of our cells.
  5. We also need to get a good filter for our water, preferably a reverse-osmosis filter for our sink, which removes the most toxins, preventing them from getting inside of us in the first place.
  6. But, as the number of toxins entering our bodies every day has grown exponentially, most of us, unless living in the wilderness, have accumulated some pretty harmful toxins in our bodies, harming our cells and DNA. Metal-Free & Chemical Cleanse helps to remove not only the toxins, but also the free-radicals brought on by toxins that are also injuring and destroying our cells.
  7. Omega 3 is another a very important one. As most of us have lived on Omega 6-rich processed foods, made from soy or corn, our Omega 6/3 balance will be quite off. Where Omega 6 raises cortisol levels, Omega 3 helps to lower them. And cortisol prevents protein synthesis for repair of cells, instead working to break down muscle cells. 3-4 Omega 3’s per day is quite beneficial in maintaining health cortisol levels.
  8. We need to exercise to stimulate optimal hormonal function, as well as keep our blood flowing and our muscles worked, stimulating raises in overall health, muscle, energy, blood flow and much more. The Lean Bulk Program is perfect for anyone, no matter their fitness level. And it’s amazing how good you can feel by the end of it. Or, if you have some extra weight to lose, you can also do the Fat Loss Program — it’s quite effective.
  9. But at the same time, we need to give our body what it needs to repair injuries to these cells from our workouts — the essential amino acids as found in PerfectAmino. Especially as we get older, 3-4 servings per day can make an incredible difference to overall health, strength and energy levels.
  10. While it seems simple, getting proper sleep is incredibly important for overall health and reversing biological age. Sleep is when our body repairs itself. When we don’t get enough sleep our cortisol levels rise while our growth hormone and other hormone levels drop. This leads to cellular breakdown while at the same time slowing or preventing cellular repair.
  11. Sleep enhanced with PerfectAmino, taken about one hour before bed, can significantly help us get deeper, more restful and refreshing sleep, helping to balance hormone levels and keep our body in top condition.
  12. And lastly, we need to take care of our gut. It’s the first area of defense against harmful bacteria, viruses and toxins coming in, and if it’s not in good working order, our health can decline quite fast over time.
  13. If you’re taking any acid blockers, it’s smart to get with a doctor of functional medicine or nutritionist to help you come off of them and slowly build back up your digestive enzymes and acids. These are necessary to break down the food you eat into a form your body can actually receive nutrition from.
  14. Digestive Enzymes help ensure our food is fully broken down so we get all of the nutrition from it, while also helping to kill off harmful bacteria and fungi coming in with food.
  15. If you have gas and bloating, you likely have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, harmful bacteria that take root in your small intestine, eating your food, injuring the lining of your intestine and slowly gaining entrance into your blood stream.
  16. Gut Defense was made to address these harmful bacteria, allowing us to gain control, proper health and high functioning digestion again. Taken along with our Probiotic, it’s quite effective, and you may start feeling a lot more energy after just a little bit.

And that’s all there is to it.

It seems pretty simple, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is.

Living a long, healthy life actually isn’t that hard. It’s about keeping out of your body the things that harm it, while at the same time giving your body each of the things it needs to maintain proper health.

The reason it seems difficult to slow aging is, really, because our diet and the amount of toxins coming into our bodies, have truly just gotten this bad.

But if you were to get your biological age tested, and then followed this protocol for three months and had it tested again, you might be pretty surprised at the results.

Lowered health, energy and strength are not automatically a part of aging.

We can live long, healthy, adventurous lives doing what we want.

And that’s what I want for you.

I hope this helps.

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