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Hormones and Chronic Obesity And Homeopathy

by Dr. David Minkoff March 12, 2020 4 min read 0 Comments

Hormones and Chronic Obesity And Homeopathy

Homeopathic solutions to chronic obesity - success where other processes fail.

Chronic obesity often persists because of hormone dysregulation. The hormones regulating appetite, body weight, and metabolism create a normalized “set-point.” This is a key feature of how the intelligence of the body maintains homeostasis across our lives. 

When we deviate from this set point by losing weight, the body will attempt to regain homeostasis. There are many reasons this can occur, but the typical symptoms are:

  • Extreme difficulty losing weight
  • Yo-yo dieting, of losing weight only to put it back 
  • Frustration and will-power fatigue
  • Intense food cravings

Optimum Weight Management Drops

Optimum Weight Management Drops are a homeopathic solution formulated by reputable and highly experienced homeopathic doctors. 

OWM Formula drops is a combination of many different homeopathic remedies targeted to the specific challenges of chronic obesity. 

It supports and stimulates the glands regulating the body’s metabolic and body weight set points along with the emotional factors. 


At BodyHealth, we believe in providing people with the resources that help them achieve their health goals. 

In Dr. Minkoff’s medical experience in his private clinic, he found that OMW drops are a gentle, non-invasive homeopathic support for this complex problem. 

That said, current medical science cannot explain how homeopathy works. Much like herbal medicine, homeopathic remedies are so inexpensive compared to invasive and industrial pharmaceutical medicines, few are willing to invest in the astronomical cost of clinical trials. The lack of profit-margin, unfortunately, prevents serious investigation of effective medicine. 

Opinions on homeopathy are varied and conflicting. Our offering of this product is based on Dr. Minkoff’s clinical experience with this product. 

We do not make any claims or promises this product will get you any specific results. This product is intended to be used as a complement to our medically-approved food plan. 

How Homeopathy Works

The human body is a wonderfully complex system. There are biochemical components, electrical components, magnetic components, pressure and gravitational components, and even vibrational components. 

In fact, there are many in-depth scientific studies documenting the healing and destructive power of vibrational frequencies on living systems. 

This is the basis on which homeopathic doctors believe this medicine affects the human body. 

Water can hold the electromagnetic “signature” of different compounds. One experiment, for example, showed the clear electromagnetic pattern of DNA, even after all DNA was removed from the water. 

Homeopathic formulations have a frequency signature of varying intensities. These frequencies resonate with the body, stimulating or soothing various, depending on the nature of the remedy. 

Optimum Weight Management Formula drops may help restore the hormonal dysregulation underlying chronic obesity by acting on key hormonal centers regulating metabolism and body weight. 

Optimum Weight Management Formula Design

This special formula stimulates your hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and thyroid – the major centers that influence hunger, weight gain, fat storage, and metabolism. 

Because chronic obesity is such a pernicious and complex problem, this formula addresses multiple aspects, from the emotional to the hormonal. 

Each of the homeopathics in this formula play an important role:

Fucus Vesiculosus is a powerful, specific homeopathic remedy for obesity and non-toxic goiter that aids digestion and thyroid enlargement in obese subjects. Contains high concentrations of iodine, essential in the synthesis of thyroid hormones, and speeds up the process of utilizing fat for fuel.

Calcarea Carbonica provides dual benefits for people trying to losing weight even if they have less than optimum nutrition by (1) helping to control the appetite and cravings, and (2) calming the nerves. It is particularly effective for those who have gained weight due to low functioning thyroid.

Ammonium Bromatum is a homeopathic remedy for chronic obesity and those who suffer from chronic laryngeal and pharyngeal catarrh and neuralgic headaches.

Cell Salt Combination provides the necessary salts for proper cellular function whether it is detoxification, metabolism, etc. For instance, Calc Phos assists digestion and restores tone to weakened tissues. Kali Phos supports the nervous system and reduces the need for emotional eating. Nat Mur restores fluid balance, works against dehydration, and regulates the mood. And the soothing tissue salt Nat Phos neutralizes acids and helps digest fats. 

Garcinia Cambogia assists the digestive tract which often is impaired in those who have not been eating properly. It also can increase metabolic efficiency.

Lycopodium is especially useful for weight loss in those with a sluggish thyroid and gastric problems.

Antimonium Crudum suits people with a habit of eating far beyond their capacity. They usual suffer from gastric troubles. Alternate loose stool and constipated stool are often their common complains.

Ammonium carbonicum is included for obese persons who are sluggish and always feel tired and weak and people who usually have a sedentary lifestyle. 

Olive Flower Essenceprovides emotional support to restore strength and the faith needed to continue an effort, which is typically lacking in those who doubt their ability to succeed at losing weight since they have failed many times before.

Furthermore, each individual can be out of balance in slightly different ways. 

That is why we include multiple potencies. The different potencies –– 6X, 12X, 30X, etc –– are different potencies, or intensities, that cover the range of potential dysfunction.

We'd love to hear from you!

This article was written because we were getting a lot of questions around our Optimum Weight Management Program and homeopathy. 

Do you have questions regarding this product or program or just weight loss in general? We'd love to hear them! Click HERE to send us a email!

Dr. David Minkoff
Dr. David Minkoff

Dr. David Minkoff graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1974 and was elected to the “Phi Beta Kappa” of medical schools, the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Fraternity for very high academic achievement. He then completed both a Pediatric Residency and Fellowship in Infectious Disease at the University of California at San Diego.

He worked at the University of California and Children’s Hospitals in San Diego as an attending physician in infectious disease while conducting original research on Ribaviron, a broad spectrum anti-viral agent to fight disease. He also co-directed a neo-natal intensive care unit and worked in emergency medicine.

In 1992, Dr Minkoff’s wife Sue, a Registered Nurse, became interested in nutrition and health and began to go to lectures from some of the experts in the field. At the time, Dr Minkoff was pretty fixed in his view of traditional medicine and it took a lot of convincing to get him to come to one of these lectures. After hearing Dr Jeffrey Bland speak, Dr Minkoff had a eureka moment and began pursuing the alternative field with a vengeance. Based on this new knowledge Dr Minkoff and his wife set up a small clinic in 1997 to help some friends with their medical problems. What began as an experiment blossomed into Lifeworks Wellness Center, one of the most successful clinics for complementary medicine in the United States. In the process, he gained expertise in Biological medicine, integrative oncology, heavy metal detoxification, anti-aging medicine, hormone replacement therapy, functional medicine, energy medicine, neural and prolotherapy, homeopathy and optimum nutrition. He studied under the masters in each of these disciplines until he became an expert in his own right. Dr Minkoff is one of the most in demand speakers in the field and wrote an Amazon best selling book called The Search For The Perfect Protein.

The demand for the products and protocols he discovered became a catalyst for founding BodyHealth.Com, a nutrition company that now manufactures and distributes cutting-edge nutritional solutions for the many health problems of today. Dr. Minkoff writes two free online newsletters, “The Optimum Health Report” and ”The BodyHealth Fitness Newsletter”, to help others learn about optimum health and fitness.

Dr. Minkoff is an avid athlete himself and has completed 44 Ironman Triathlons. To keep his fitness maximal, he lives the lifestyle he teachers to others and tries to set an example for others, so they can enjoy a life free of pain and full of energy.

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