How To Keep Our Fat Loss New Years Resolutions

December 31, 2023 3 min read

How To Keep Our Fat Loss New Years Resolutions

If you’ve ever had trouble with diets, losing fat, or simply keeping the weight off, let’s start by saying…

It’s not you.

Let me say that one more time in case you didn't get it.

It’s. Not. You.


Every year, over a hundred million Americans make New Year’s Resolutions.

And there’s one resolution made more often than any of the others: the goal to lose weight.

It’s also the one that’s given up on the fastest.

But why?

We’re so determined when we make that resolution.

We read books and blogs, watch videos, find a diet we think we can do, and get all of our food ready.

We get rolling with such excitement!

But then, somewhere along the line… we fall off.

Maybe the sugar cravings were too much.

Maybe it was too little food and we felt like we were starving.

Maybe we felt sick or got headaches.

Or maybe we made it all the way through and lost the weight, but then we gained it all back again.

What’s happening here? Why is this so hard? Why is it all so confusing? And why is so much of the information we read so contradictory?

The field of weight loss contains more gurus, tricks, fads, and programs than pretty much any other field there is.

There's calorie counting, fasting, crash diets, low carb/high fat diets, high carb/low fat diets, and the list goes on.

There’re so many components, so many ideas and differing views -- and most of them do have good information in them.

But they’re just pieces of a larger puzzle.

There is no diet out there right now, no protocol or guide or weight loss book, that covers all the pieces of the puzzle.

Some have gotten close… some have gotten very close.

But no one has figured out the full puzzle.

Because if they had, it wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Right?

The reasons you can’t lose weight, or you gain it all back, or can’t quit sugar, can come from a variety of causes, different for different people.

So when a certain diet doesn't work for you, but you see someone else succeed on it, it’s not that you did something wrong necessarily, it’s more likely that the diet addressed the puzzle pieces that were missing for that specific person.

It didn’t work for you because it didn’t address the pieces that were missing for you.

The KEY to sustainable weight loss is finding which pieces are missing for you.

Two years ago we launched a guide and program that covered almost all the pieces.

It was incredibly successful, and many people lost significant amounts of weight in just 30 days — and kept it off.

Within the guide I worked to find every piece that could be missing so anyone could benefit and achieve their goal.

Now, after watching the program run for over two years, with tens of thousands having gone through it, I’ve come back to revise it, streamline the protocol, and add additional information to address each piece of the puzzle so that you can jump right in and get immediate results.

What you’ve needed was something to address all the pieces of the puzzle. 

This guide does just that.

If you stick with it for thirty days, then by the end:

Your cravings will be gone, or almost gone (In much less time, and much more painlessly than you'd expect).

You won’t be starving. (Actually, I'm betting you won’t be able to eat all the food on the protocol.)

You will lose the weight. (Faster than expected.)


You. Won’t. Gain. It. Back.

Sound Good?


The guide releases at the end of this week and the 30-Day Challenge starts January 14th.

If you haven't already, make sure you join our PerfectAmino VIP Group, where you can ask all your health and fitness questions, and where we'll be posting cheat sheets for the protocol you can print out for yourself.

I'll see you there!

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