PerfectAmino for Athletes

July 21, 2015 2 min read

Athletic person running up a sand dune after taking PerfectAmino for Athletes

Many of our customers are athletes. They range from people who exercise a few times a week, weekend warriors, amateur athletes all the way to top professional, elite athletes. So, why do they take PerfectAmino?

Most people do not get enough good quality protein in their diets.


Not to mention the fact that your body only utilizes a fraction of the protein from food. For example, your body utilizes only 48% of the protein in eggs, 32% in meat, poultry & fish, and only 18% of the protein in whey & soy protein powders. Building muscle mass is done by creating microscopic tears in your muscle, which then grows as it repairs.

A predominant function of protein is to repair and rebuild the tissues of your body, by supplying your cells with protein building blocks, which are called amino acids. These then assemble into new muscle proteins, which creates muscle growth. There are certain essential amino acids that the body does not produce naturally on its own, which are contained in PerfectAmino. The ultra-specific formula of these amino acids are proven to be in the exact ratios that your body needs to be able to synthesize into proteins in the best possible way.

Due to this, injury repair occurs slowly or not at all. PerfectAmino is the perfect solution to this, with a 99% utilization by the body!

Not sure where to start? Check out our easy to follow PerfectAmino Guide HERE!

Perfect Amino is the real thing. Each bottle contains 150, 300, or 600 tablets and costs start at only $39.95!   


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