7 Reasons Why You Might Not Need Daily Protein Supplements

by Joshua Taylor June 09, 2015 4 min read 0 Comments

7 Reasons Why You Might Not Need Daily Protein Supplements

An objective look at taking protein supplements – do you need them or not?  
  1. You are already happy with your energy levels throughout the day and don’t get fatigued easily. If you are always full of energy and don’t have dips and lulls through the day, then you definitely do not need to take nutrition supplements daily. Just take them on the occasional day when you are already feeling the symptoms.

  2. You have awesome muscle mass and so your body is naturally burning calories and metabolizing food. For those of us who are genetically predisposed to having the perfect body-mass-index (BMI), regardless of your age, it wouldn’t make any sense to take protein supplements, such as PerfectAmino (8 essential amino acids so your body can make the necessary protein to build muscle, etc).

  3. Your body magically repairs itself after strenuous workouts.When you work out heavily or for long periods of time, you are tearing your muscles, causing them to repair and rebuild. That is how muscles end up getting bigger. So if you have one of those magic bodies that does this itself, without any help, then you definitely do not need nutritional supplements.

  4. You find yourself with incredible stamina do get through your workouts, win races or athletic events and have lots of fuel left-over at the end.Imagine being a college basketball player playing against a 5th grader. Or a Kenyan marathoner doing a 5K race with a bunch of weekend-warrior runners. Obviously they would hardly feel like they exerted themselves after that, right? If you feel like that after you work out hard or do your events, then you probably do not need to supplement daily.

  5. Your body is getting older but your muscle mass is still like when you were in your 20’s.If that’s the case then you don’t need anything extra. Most people, as they get older lose important muscle mass, in important places, such as their chests and rear-ends. Older bodies can still have good muscle mass and muscle tone, if their bodies had the amino acids needed to build the body protein it needed. It’s a simple lack of them. But if you have one of those older bodies, with lots of wonderful, firm muscle mass, that is in tip top shape, then you definitely don’t need to supplement daily.

  6. You are at your ideal weight and don’t need to lose or gain any more or less. An interesting fact about weight loss and weight gain, is that you need body protein for both. So if you are getting plenty of ideal body protein, then you are more likely to be maintaining your ideal weight consistently. In order to lose weight, it is important to have muscle-mass, as that increases metabolism and burns more fat. And in order to gain weight, it is important to have more muscle-mass, as muscle weighs more than fat anyway. Isn’t that interesting! 

  7. You are a senior citizen, with great teeth, strong muscles and hard bones.Often times, seniors have low stomach acid, so have impaired protein digestion due to having poor teeth, which makes it difficult to chew meets, so less protein is consumed. This leads to weak muscles, easier falls, soft bones with increased risk of fracture, low neurotransmitter levels that can cause depression, poor memory and poor sleep. So if none of that is an issue, then you definitely don’t need to supplement with daily amino acids.

    Okay… so if you made it this far through the list, I am sure you see the trend. The body needs protein for so much, and we simply are not getting it from what we eat.   Let me give you an example. Let’s say you eat a 9oz steak. Depending on the type of steak, you are technically eating approximately 70grams of protein. But since the body can only convert 32% of that into actual body-protein, you’re only getting 22grams. Your body then has to process, which could be stored as fat, or gotten rid- of, producing nitrogen waste that is not good for your kidneys.

    Much of your body is comprised of body proteins. Muscle, hair, bones, organs and most hormones are body-proteins. Body proteins are made of amino-acids. And there are 8 “essential” amino acids that they body cannot make on its own, needing to get it from an outside source. And when your body needs to build a body-protein, if it doesn’t have even just one of those amino acids, it cannot make the body protein it needs. So… if you are not consistently supplying your body with the aminos, you could get into trouble when your body needs to build body-protein to fight an illness, rebuild a muscle, or many other possibilities.

    PerfectAmino is an all-natural amino acid product that is GMO-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and vegan sourced. It contains the exact blend of the 8 essential amino acids in a ratio that has been proven to be the most effective, absorbing into your body within 23 minutes, with less than 1% going to waste!

Check it out for yourself!

Joshua Taylor
Joshua Taylor

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