We just finished a 30 day Lean Bulk & Fat Loss beta program and the results have been fantastic!

by Dr. David Minkoff June 24, 2021 5 min read

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Depending on if they had fat to lose or were ready to start or speed gaining muscle, they did two different programs, each tailored to the person to varying degrees. These ranged from higher carbs and lower fats to higher fats and lower carbs, depending on what was right for that person, but higher protein for everyone.

But… key is that the type of carb, fat and protein is what was concentrated on. Some foods will help balance hormones and lead to fat loss while others will ensure fat gain and no fat loss no matter how much you workout.

We’re seeing fat loss with muscle gain, faster muscle gain while continuing to lose fat, lower resting heart rate and blood pressure, increased energy, lowered inflammation, bettered mood, significantly decreased cravings and much more.

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Here’s what a few of those who completed had to say and show: 

“Just finished 30 days of the Lean Bulk Beta group! It has changed my life for real! I have never felt this good in my life. Stronger…. mood is so even keeled (I am a 44 year old woman who never has even keeled moods lol). I started at 115 lbs. and have held at 111 for most of this month. No more weight ups and downs each day like normal. I have never eaten this much in my life! But it felt like “fuel” and not “satisfying cravings”. I can’t talk enough about how great this experience was. My strength improved quickly!!! My body felt so great. No aches and pains, sleep improved, energy was just consistently good. So different from coffee and sugar highs I was used to. I just feel good all the time!!!!

I watched person after person get so excited with how they felt! The group of people doing this were amazing and supportive. And body health…. they are in a league of their own. They were amazing to all of us! Patient, fast to respond and really personal with each of us. This is now a way of life!!! So grateful for this learning experience. Can’t wait to keep getting stronger and healthier!!!”


“I’m sure many of you have heard of the Lean Bulk Beta Group. I just finished the first 30 days, and I can't tell you how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to have participated.

Not only was the Lean Bulk Guide full of great information, but the time that he took to answer our questions and give us one on one guidance was simply amazing and such a testament to how invested he truly is in helping others on their health & fitness journey.

The support and encouragement from others in the group was another part that I can't speak highly enough about. There's something about being surrounded by positive like-minded people all on the same mission.

The physical changes that I've realized during this beta trial are only a small reason why I'm so thankful. I have PSA, and my inflammation has gone down tremendously. I feel better than I have in the past several years. I attribute this to using the BodyHealth products that were recommended for me and following his guidance to fuel my body properly which has reduced my inflammation and given me energy. I definitely had an increase in strength and muscle definition and leaned out during these 30 days.

I have learned so much and I'm forever grateful! I'm definitely continuing on in the group!”

Though… some did call us out for not being completely transparent and we feel it’s only right to share that too: 

“I have some bad news to share... and BodyHealth should have given a warning this may happen... if you follow the protocols in the cut program you may need to increase your clothing budget... I'm now having to buy new clothes...when I started the cut, I was a size 36 waist... I'm now a size 32... this is the BEST BAD NEWS I've received in a long time... thank you BodyHealth for the awesome products and the support... can't wait to see what the bulk is going to do to me…”

But mostly they were quite happy: 

“The proof is in the pudding”…well actually in the PA!

I recently participated in the lean bulk beta (but got a late start). I was more of a spectator the first week and half and then decided to give it a try. Folks, these are 3 week progress pictures. In only three weeks my body went through some serious changes. I can’t believe it!

I had been stuck for a while, like a hamster on a wheel just going around and around with no changes and no success. I was very discouraged and ready to just accept that maybe it was because I had turned 40 and my body wasn't going to change anymore. Hormones, foods insensitivity, not enough cardio… I had all these reasons believed in my head to be the cause.

I was scrolling through Instagram one day and saw BodyHealth and was intrigued by what they were promoting and what they had to say. So I began to follow.  And I began to experiment with the supplements. And I began to interact with the group. And…and…and. I was hooked and I was excited. And I felt as if maybe I found a breakthrough. I found the more I read from Body Health, the more I realized I was doing a lot wrong.

And then the beta came out and I was curious. I thought to myself, why not??! So I went for it. I put my first day pictures up and I put trust in Body Health in hopes they would lead me in the right direction.

My “hopefully” expectation turned into a “speechless” response. I was wowed by the daily communication from Body Health. Any question I had was answered in detail and in a timely manner and the feedback provided by others participating was so positive and encouraging that it kept me going because it pumped me up! I had NEVER experienced that at such a level before!

I've had endless trainers and I’ve done endless “diets”. I’ve tried numerous supplements and I’ve chased the health and fitness game for a while but I was never happy. I was either too skinny or too bulky. I either over trained or I under trained. I always felt like there was something missing but I just couldn’t put a finger on it. And I was ready to give up.

Today I’m here to say… I found it. I found what I have been forever searching for and I am finally happy. And I’m back in business! I feel I’m on the right track and I feel amazing both mentally and physically. I have to thank Body Health for this. They are the gold at the end of the rainbow! They were my missing link!

And I’m not done… this is only the beginning. But I’m a supporter/customer for life. If these are my results from only THREE WEEKS then I can’t wait to see what another three, six, nine, etc. will bring.

So if you’re in doubt or you’re feeling gosh is this just another program/product I’m going to hamster wheel until I find the next best, stop the doubt and go for it.

Trust me… The proof is in the PA.”

Here are some pictures some of them were willing to share.

Some had fat to lose while gaining muscle, and some were there to speed gains and raise overall health.

Here are just a few pics from the program and more stories and pics can be seen in our GROUP. To download the full guide for free just go HERE.

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