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Products are shipped from our office in Dunedin, Florida and usually ship between 2-3 business days from the date the order was created.  However, in many cases we are able to ship within 1-2 days at most. 

Once your package has left the BodyHealth offices, please allow 2-3 day transit time for priority shipments and 4-7 days for standard shipments.  Please note that transit times are not guaranteed and are subject to the carriers themselves.

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Personal information is NEVER shared or sold to any third parties.  We are highly protective of our customers' information, and we maintain a policy of keeping information you submit to the Optimum Health Report and the BodyHealth Fitness Newsletter from leaving our company.  To be removed from our email marketing contact us HERE!  


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Other Disclaimers:

*Metal-Free is not intended as a treatment for any medical or mental health condition, nor should its use to support functioning in patients that may have medical conditions be understood as a claim that Metal-Free treats those conditions or that BodyHealth endorses the use of Metal-Free to treat medical conditions. People who may have medical conditions should consult a physician and ensure that they get proper diagnosis and treatment.