Week One: What We're Doing in Week One of Lean Bulking

by Dr. David Minkoff March 11, 2023 4 min read

Week One: What We're Doing in Week One of Lean Bulking

In the first week of this challenge we have several things happening.

We’re trying to switch our diet so we’re getting what we need to build lean muscle without the other calories or hormone-triggering foods that would cause excess fat gain.

With this comes restructuring our cells so they will use the foods we’re giving them properly and balancing or increasing hormone levels so our body will prioritize building lean muscle over body fat.

Then we’re addressing digestion, which is crucial to your overall health as well as building muscle, as you need to be getting all of the nutrients and vitamins you’re consuming.

And, improperly digested proteins lead to inflammation, which leads to higher levels of cortisol, a hormone that prioritizes building fat and breaking down muscle.

So make sure you’re taking your digestive enzymes with each meal during this.

You will be consuming a lot of whole food proteins, which your stomach is probably not used to receiving, and it will need extra help until it builds up enough stomach acid and enzymes of its own - which it will on this program.

And finally, we’re working to dial in your exact macros, as well as figure out the right set of weights for you to start with for each day of the week.

These macros are determined by how much muscle you currently have that needs to be maintained, what intensity of workout you will be doing to build new muscle, how much body fat you currently have, and what hormonal balance or hormone deficiencies exist in your body.

So it will be different for everyone and the macros given truly are starting points.


If you did the Fat Loss Challenge, or have ever done a diet to lose body fat, you know that the first hurdle to jump is the cravings. These are cravings for sugar, if we’ve been on a higher sugar diet, as well as for food in general if our hunger hormones and/or digestion are off, telling us we need more food than we actually do.

Now, if you have a significant amount of fat to lose, you may want to start with the 30-Day Fat Loss Challenge. That’s what that program is for and it’s very effective.

And it will set you up very well for the Lean Bulk Protocol. 

But if you’re ready to go here, even with some excess body fat, that’s fine. The excess will come off along the way.

So the first hurdle is cravings, which may exist even if you’ve been eating pretty healthy. These should pass in the first week just by following this protocol and are the strongest during days 2-5.


Once the craving are gone, any feelings of hunger won’t be false, but will be because your body actually needs more food.

If you’re very hungry during the first week, work on dialing in your macros according to the protocol, and do so right away. Don’t wait.

You just increase all macros by multiplying each one by 1.05, or by 1.10 if you’re very hungry.

If you need to increase them again, do so by multiplying again by 1.05.

And I don’t care how many times you raise macros if you’re hungry, as long as you do so according to the ratios given.

Possibly this is needed food, possibly not.

It doesn’t actually matter. Because even if you gain a little during the first week, while staying in those macros, you’ll lose it again in the next week as your muscle building will catch up to it.

So don’t worry about that.

We want things balancing in your body and it takes this adjustment period.

You can read more about what causes these cravings HERE.

And more information on what’s happening in your body will come out during the coming week.

But right now, let’s get started!

Calculate your macros and buy your food if you haven’t already, and then let’s take some measurements so we know where we’re at according to this article, and then let’s get to the gym!

Or, if you're new to this, here you can find the Guide to Lean Bulking.

This will explain everything, so you understand exactly what we're doing and what you need to do to prepare.

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We're going to have so much fun on this challenge!

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