My Daily Perfect Amino Protocol

by BodyHealth Representatives May 10, 2017 2 min read

Bearded man exercising on the parallel bars in the woods.

Since deciding to leave my professional military career in 2011 I’ve been on a quest. As a striving top performer among the professional ranks in triathlon, I can say that even having been deployed to Iraq, I’ve never worked this hard in my life. Without discounting the actual hard work it took to shine in the Military, just know that when working solely for ones-self, the days just don’t seem long enough. All of the added stress, dietary changes, and learning experiences have gotten me here today and I’m happy to say Perfect Amino has helped amplify my daily performance.

In peak season, my triathlon training volume can reach upwards of 32 hours. This isn’t just boring time in the saddle, it’s often very intense. With that effort, my body craves nutrients and it’s clear when I’ve gotten it wrong. I often don’t even realize how tired I am until I’ve decided to take structured rest, at which point my body all but demands non-stop nutrition. Since adding Perfect Amino into my daily routine, I’ve noticed fewer cravings and faster recovery. I’ll skip the deeply rooted science here in order to keep things simple.

Amino acids and protein are most definitely buzzwords among this era of current fitness trends. Most sources and supplements won’t quite reach the mark when it comes to quality, however, I believe Perfect Amino is the standard. With its quick absorption, I’m able to have my cup of black coffee in the am and take in 5-10 pills on the way to the pool. During that period I’ll sustain hard efforts for about 90 minutes totaling in 5000+ yds of pool time. I think it’s worth noting that I also don’t experience a “bonk” or low energy point during this timeframe either. My body, over time, has gotten used to pulling in other sources of fuel that pure glycogen. Fat is a great source of energy but does take some time to tap into. Perfect Amino helps sustain energy levels during these early sessions when I've fasted, meaning breakfast is even more welcome!

Being a professional triathlete means showing up to not only 1 session but often 3 to 4 sessions a day. Without structure, planning and various supplements like Perfect Amino, this would be much more complicated. Training volume is wasted when quality is lost, so this is why I trust and utilize this product regularly. I find I am able to sustain high output during key-sessions, down a few more pills immediately (waiting 26 min to eat after ingestion) and get to the next part of my day feeling energized. The best part of Perfect Amino is that it is approved for use during professional competition, meaning I have the piece of mind that I will not be accused of taking a banned substance.

To sum up my consumption:

  1. 5- 8 pills AM
  2. 5 pills post-session
  3. 5 pills before dinner

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