Lean Bulk Week One: Measurements & Getting Started

by Dr. David Minkoff March 04, 2023 2 min read

Lean Bulk Week One: Measurements & Getting Started

Measuring Progress — Every Body Is Unique

I want to state this here because it’s very important.

Every person’s body is different. This is due to genetics, your microbiome (the bacteria living in your lower intestine), your diet or lifestyle and how long you’ve had them, the toxic load you’ve taken in from food, water, and air, and more.

These play out as varying hormone levels person to person, differing abilities to gain or lose muscle and fat, better or poorer digestive ability, immune system function (vital for building muscle), blood flow, where fat cells are physically located on your body, how the body responds to different nutrients, etc, etc, etc.

All of these are different from person to person and need to be thought with on an individual basis. 

The one-size-fits-all view of fitness (or beauty) doesn’t work because of this.

From it we get under-evaluated generalities and bad logic, or even more — unreal expectations.

Remember, if you see a picture of a fitness model in a magazine, in most cases they cut way down on food for 1-3 days before that shoot, working out intensely the whole time, to get the “perfect” shot.

Or, they may have fantastic genetics.

We can help you build up lean muscle and create a defined or chiseled body that is healthy, high energy, and runs well.

But we can’t make you: “like that person.”

And we can’t predict how fast changes will occur either.

If your diet and health have not been great for most of your life, and you’re 43, it may take a bit longer to get things in perfect order than if you were 26 with a great diet.

That’s reality.

It doesn’t mean we can’t get you in fantastic shape, or that this won’t do it faster than other protocols.

It just may take a bit longer, that’s all.

Alright? Good.

Now. We have one last thing to do before we get started.


Get a cloth tape measure and take these measurements on your first morning:

  • Your waist, around your bellybutton
  • Your biceps, flexed, around their highest point.
  • Your triceps, not flexed, around their widest point.
  • Your shoulders, all the way around your chest and back, with your arms against your body.

Note down the exact measurements, down to the fraction.

Next, go to your mirror and take front and side pictures of yourself.

And make sure your note the exact place you are standing when you take them so you can take them again.

Each week you will take new measurements and pictures to compare.

Many people don’t see a difference in the pictures the first week or two (though others do), but the 30-day before/after pictures are quite obvious, and the numbers on you’re measuring tape won’t lie.

Alright, that’s all for now.

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