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Could You Be Dehydrated And Not Know It? Check This List Of Common Key Indicators

by BodyHealth Representatives March 28, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

Could You Be Dehydrated And Not Know It? Check This List Of Common Key Indicators

"The physical state of being dehydrated is so common for some people - generally as a result of poor lifestyle choices, they lack the ability to see that their normal state is in fact quite abnormal."

Water is the key to life and a precious commodity as very little of it, in a liquid state, is known to exist in the universe. As for the water within us, when more water moves out of the body than enters we call that resulting state, within the body, dehydration.

Most people don't consider dehydration as a thing to be concerned about, but most people would be shocked to hear how common it is, this condition is far more common then you could imagine. Here are some key reasons why dehydration is so common:

  • 💧 Thirst is not a reliable indicator of the body's need for increased hydration.
  • 💧 Most people pay more attention to the fluid level in their car then in their bodies.
  • 💧 Many people rely on sugary, caffeinated drinks rather than water which dehydrate the body further.
  • 💧 High levels of salt and sugar in the standard diet suck cells dry of vital fluids.
  • 💧 All preserved meats which are in abundance in the standard diet cause dehydration.
  • 💧 Coffee, the standard conventional beverage is a diuretic and caffeine has been shown to speed up dehydration.
  • 💧 Fried foods are a major culprit, standard fried foods contain more than a days worth of dehydrating sodium.
  • 💧 Alcohol, another popular beverage is a diuretic and also compounds the effects of dehydration.
  • 💧 The physical state of being dehydrated is so common for some people - generally as a result of poor lifestyle choices, they lack the ability to see that their normal state is in fact quite abnormal.

Are you concerned about the potential ramifications of dehydration? Perhaps you need to review the symptoms to determine if you've already got an issue to be concerned about? Want to be on the lookout for symptoms in others? Here are some of the primary side effects of becoming dehydrated.

  • 🌊 Headaches
  • 🌊 Dry skin
  • 🌊 Extreme thirst
  • 🌊 Poor skin elasticity
  • 🌊 Less frequent urination
  • 🌊 Dark-colored urine
  • 🌊 Sleep disorders
  • 🌊 Digestive issues
  • 🌊 Fatigue
  • 🌊 Dizziness
  • 🌊 Confusion
  • 🌊 Weight management issues

Some of these conditions are so common that many may not even think thirst could be the big culprit. Headaches, Skin issues, Fatigue, Digestive Issues and Weight management issues combined likely impact the vast majority of Americans on a daily basis. And to think, something as simple as water could be all that's missing.

Class over, go drink some water. Try to get in at least 1/2 your weight in ounces daily (200lb person should drink 100oz).

Formula = My Weight X 1/2 = Ounces of water daily with 128 Ounces = 1 gallon. 

Want to seal the deal for good? Adopt a daily habit now of drinking a gallon of water a day.

BodyHealth Representatives
BodyHealth Representatives

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