Don't Ignore Yourself - A Holistic Approach To Chronic Fatigue In Athletes

November 11, 2015 3 min read

An athletic woman carrying a pillow and a cup of coffee.

by Nick Chase

It’s no secret; Americans are spread pretty thin, close to the breaking point.  Simply note a friend discussing their high levels of fatigue, endless errands, and general lack of time. Also, look in the mirror! You’re also guilty of the same dialogue, even if it’s internal.  Imagine adding hours upon hours of endurance training for your next Full Ironman race.  Most people view what athletes do with a perplexed look on their face. Paying hundreds of dollars to race, train and thrive in a life full of limitless physical and mental breakthroughs is not for the faint of heart, the unorganized or the un-motivated type.  Plain and simple, being an endurance athlete is addicting, demanding and most definitely a way of life.  If one isn’t careful, it can also destroy the body."

"Stress, inflammation and chronic fatigue can ruin a body, even when eating well."

Being a coach, I’m privileged to work with a broad spectrum of abilities and mindsets.  True, most endurance athletes are successful in their own right, looking for a new challenge beyond the monotonous tasks of daily life.  The stellar athletes I work with are all about adventure, self-exploration and are very health conscious. I’ll also admit that on the extreme end of the spectrum, for people like me who want to be a world champion within triathlon, it’s often a healthy/unhealthy battle stressing my body beyond its design.

The point of today’s article is to help outline why, as endurance athletes, we’re so tired, stretched and often battered.  We spend too much time in a state of survival, expecting our body to always be ready while providing minimal respect to our internal processes.  Stress, inflammation and chronic fatigue can ruin a body, even when eating well.  Under duress, our bodies desire to sustain nominal levels of cortisol, testosterone, estrogen and other vital hormones can be easily disrupted.  Personally, I noticed that I was actually gaining weight during endurance training.  In short, my body was out of whack!  After finally coming to my senses, I struck out in efforts to find an expert.  I wanted a holistic, bio-identical approach…hence my relationship with Dr. Minkoff.

"The greatest tool I strive for as a coach and professional athlete is knowledge."

After executing some very important testing, providing an open window into my list of deficiencies, we began a myriad of treatments.  I had ignored the obvious signs for too long and it was time for some scientific analysis.  Pushing myself so hard on a regular basis had left much of my body’s vital processes strained.   This meant I had to really hit some supplementation and most importantly, rest.  I can say within the first week of taking Perfect Amino and BodyHealth Complete + Detox, I felt stronger on all aspects of training.  Mental focus and energy also came soaring back with a fish oil and vitamin D supplements.   How can we expect top-notch results when we walk around with a dedicated mind and depleted body?  It’s a bit farfetched to expect that equation to yield a new personal best.

Getting the right knowledge and direction from testing and building a relationship with Dr. Minkoff has brought me back to the best version of myself.  I’m not only healthy but I’m much smarter. The logical answer for anyone who is continually feeling “off”, losing sleep or lives in a constant state of turmoil should get some testing accomplished. The greatest tool I strive for as a coach and professional athlete is knowledge. I can’t expect to be the best without always knowing myself inside and out.  If I’m willing to spend time and money on races and high quality food, why wouldn’t I invest in the most important part of the equation, my body?

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