Dr. Bryan Abasolo Interview: Searching for the Perfect Protein With Dr. David Minkoff

by Dr. David Minkoff July 23, 2020 3 min read

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Dr. Bryan Abasolo, also known as “Dr. Abs,” has over a decade in the chiropractic and wellness space, having earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of patients as a doctor, certified nutrition specialist, and certified personal trainer. He brings his expertise and personal knowledge to everyone through several popular podcasts and YouTube channels, one of which is the very influential Healthcast – where he does one-on-one interviews with professionals, experts, coaches, and more to help bring expert knowledge to everyone.

In today’s episode of Healthcast, Dr. Abs interviews Dr. David Minkoff about protein and how providing your body with the EAAs it needs can cause dramatic improvements in both athletic performance and overall health.

This episode covers the following subjects:

  • 1:52 – Minkoff discusses genetic potential and how “genetic predisposition” from services like 23andMe have very little real influence. He explains that genetic expression is often a result of your environment and how eating right, exercising, and taking care of your body are the critical factors in optimizing your health. Dr. Minkoff gives personal examples of how he is genetically predisposed to diabetes and severe heart trouble, but yet his Garmin tells him he has the fitness of a 23-year-old and he is in excellent physical condition in his 70s.
  • 5:00 – Abs and Dr. Minkoff further discuss the effects of continually challenging your body to improve and not falling into a comfortable or “retreat” mentality. He gives examples of how continually pushing yourself to expand and improve physically can significantly improve your health. He takes this a step further, explaining how his mindset is focused on effective, natural remedies for critical illnesses – rather than medication and surgery.
  • 9:00 – Minkoff introduces his book, The Search for the Perfect Protein, and gives a personal history of his discoveries that led to one of the most effective methodologies for reversing critical illnesses, repairing injuries, and optimizing health and performance.
  • 11:39 Minkoff gives an example of Lance Armstrong and various Tour de France athletes who struggled with tendinitis and other physical issues after intense training and races. He explains how a unique blend of essential amino acids was the critical element in avoiding post-training and post-marathon injuries. He describes how this EAA blend caused dramatic improvements in hair, nails, mood, and recovery.
  • 15:00 – The importance of digestion in relation to nutrient absorption and protein intake, and how PerfectAmino is the ideal blend of EAAs, designed to go straight into the bloodstream. Perfect Amino has no additives, fillers, or anything else – and comes in both powder and tablet form.
  • 16:21 – The unwanted effects of acid blockers and how an unbalanced gut biome can cause a wide range of physiological issues. How most standard pharmaceuticals can cause leaky gut, including aspirin. Dr. Minkoff explains how glyphosate, one of the most common pesticides, is on virtually all non-organic fruits, vegetables, and grains – and how glyphosate can damage the intestine. How probiotics are needed by virtually everyone and the importance of restoring a healthy gut biome.
  • 21:38 – Minkoff describes the science behind protein absorption and how studies clearly show how much amino acid is used by the body for protein synthesis compared to conversion to carbohydrates. He then goes on to explain how Perfect Amino is 99% absorbed and utilized for protein synthesis, thereby not spiking insulin – making it completely safe for diabetics.
  • 26:51 – Abs and Dr. Minkoff discuss ketosis and how common sources of protein can throw a person out of ketosis due to the conversion of dietary protein into carbohydrates. They discuss the importance of proper protein in building lean muscle and how Perfect Amino can supply the protein needed for lean muscle without throwing off ketosis. Dr. Minkoff explains the secret to his success as a 43-time Ironman triathlete, starting with how he began his athletic career.
  • 35:00 – Minkoff explains how he began his journey into functional medicine after discovering that traditional medicine focuses on mitigating symptoms instead of addressing the underlying problem. How doctors have 10s of millions of people on Xanax and Prozac because the doctor has no idea what is truly wrong with people. He explains how his wife began suffering from health problems with no obvious cause, and he decided that he was unwilling to accept the status quo – he instead discovered that virtually all problems stem from underlying toxicity or deficiency and how patients deserve real help.

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