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Optimum Sleep Bundle

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Support every aspect of your sleep cycle with this powerful bundle of BodyHealth’s premium sleep aids. Buy Healthy Sleep Ultra and Optimum Sleep Assist together and Save 20%!

  • Description

    Support Your Sleep for total rest and rejuvenation

    You know that deep, restful sleep is essential for optimal health.

    You know you need it for healing, recovery, and clear thinking.

    You need it for your own happiness.

    Give yourself the deep sleep you know you need by supporting your body every step of the way.

    Our Optimum Sleep Bundle combines our two premium sleep products, Healthy Sleep Ultra and Optimum Sleep Assist, into one low price.

    Healthy Sleep Ultra supports your nervous system and melatonin production to help you effortlessly fall asleep. And stay asleep.

    Optimum Sleep Assist amplifies the rejuvenating, healing, and recovery aspects of sleep by promoting hormone production. Everything you need to wake up alert, refreshed, and vibrant.

    Together, these products are a power combo to restore your sleep as a source of rejuvenation, rest, recovery, and healing.

    Order the Optimum Sleep Bundle today and save 20%

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Q: Are Optimum Sleep Bundle products addicting?

    A: No, Optimum Sleep Bundle products are not habit-forming and do not repress your natural sleep abilities.

    Q: Will this interact with other medications?

    A: If you have a serious condition or take prescription medications, we suggest you consult your physician before taking Optimum Sleep Bundle products.

    Q: Can I take this while pregnant or nursing?

    A: We do not recommend taking these products if you are pregnant or nursing. If you struggle with sleep, we suggest you consult a physician before taking Optimum Sleep Bundle products if you are pregnant or nursing.

    Q: Will this make me drowsy in the morning?

    A: Optimum sleep bundle helps you sleep more deeply. Most people feel more awake, alert, and alive in the morning. However, some people are highly sensitive to melatonin and may initially feel more drowsy in the morning as their body adjusts.

    Q: When should I take Optimum Sleep Products?

    A: Take two capsules of Healthy Sleep Ultra and 30 drops (about ⅔ of a dropper) of Optimum Sleep Assist just before bed.

    Q: Can I drink alcohol with Optimum Sleep Bundle Products?

    A: Do not take alcohol with the Optimum Sleep Bundle. It will interact negatively with ingredients in HealthySleep Ultra. It can negatively affect your sleep quality and hormone levels.

    Q: Can I give Optimum Sleep Bundle Products to my child?

    A: Optimum Sleep Bundle products are designed for grown adults. We recommend you consult a physician before giving it to a child.


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Customer Reviews
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United States United States
I recommend this product
Healthy Sleep

I bought Healthy Sleep because I had tried many other sleep remedies and nothing seemed to work. I would wake up a lot during the night and go back to sleep but it was not restful sleep. I am now using Healthy Sleep every night and I wake up less during the night, I go back to sleep and it is more restful sleep. I am glad I bought this product and I will keep buying it as it is the only thing that has worked for me.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Healthy sleep

I had ordered it & also got a sample pack included in my order. Have recommended it to others already it’s helped me so much. Will definitely be ordering again

United States United States
Healthy Sleep

The Healthy Sleep definitely works! I was not able to figure out if I should take the full bundle at the same time though. But I would definitely recommend it.

Juanita P.
United States United States
Sleepless nights are gone ...

Body Health’s Optimum Sleep Assist has been a great help in addressing my Insomnia. My sleepless nights are gone and I sleep soundly. It helps me feel so rested and revenergized upon waking up.

United States United States
Great sound sleep

Previously to taking this I would wake up a lot and not feel rested when I needed to get up. If I were to take melatonin it would have me feeling groggy the next day. But with these I fall asleep quickly, sleep sound and wake up feeling well rested.