Optimizing Your Genetic Potential with Dr. David Friedman and Guest Dr. David Minkoff

by Dr. David Minkoff September 10, 2020 4 min read

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Dr. David Friedman is an award-winning author of the bestseller, Food Sanity, How To Eat In A World Of Fads And Fiction. His credentials include being a Doctor of Naturopathy, a Clinical Nutritionist, and a Chiropractic Neurologist. He is also board-certified as an Alternative Medical Practitioner, Integrative Medicine, and is a registered Naturopathic Diplomate.

Dr. Friedman is arguably one of the most well-known and influential alternative medicine practitioners in the nation, and his list of clients reads like a Hollywood A-list. His show, “To Your Good Health,” is one of the most popular weekly broadcasts on health, fitness, and lifestyle-related issues.

In this podcast, Dr. David Friedman discusses how to change your habits, shed weight, and have a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.

Here are the highlights of this very enlightening discussion:

  • 2:26 – Dr. Minkoff debunks some common myths about protein. He discusses how when you eat protein, your body must have the ability to digest it. He discusses how many people are amino-acid deficient, living with disturbed digestive systems that lack stomach acid and enzymes. Many people also have intestinal bacterial overgrowth, yeasts, or parasites.
  • 4:03 – A discussion about vegan and vegetarian diets, and how of the thousands of people he has seen in his years practicing alternative medicine, he sees that virtually all of them lack the required amino acids in their blood to process plant-based food into adequate protein.
  • 5:00 – Dr. Minkoff discusses the critical need for essential amino acids, as these acids allow your body to make protein, and how plant protein is low in certain essential amino acids. He finds that patients who eat vegetarian diets often have fatigue, muscle loss, soft nails, hair that does not grow well. Many also have osteoporosis, all signs of anemia, or lack of lowered protein.
  • 5:58 – Dr. Minkoff explains gluten intolerance and how about 99 percent of the people he tests are gluten intolerant. While not suffering from celiac disease, the grains they are consuming are saturated with the herbicide glyphosate, found in Roundup, which causes a leaky gut. The chemical causes the intestines to get micro-perforations, and as the gluten is absorbed and digested, the body produces an antibody that causes an allergic reaction.
  • 8:03 – Dr. Minkoff answers a question about lectins and how some people are very sensitive to them while others are not. He points out that every person is different, and a healthy diet for one may not be right for another. When he puts people on a restricted diet, he starts them with a modified paleo diet, with meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, no grains, no nightshade vegetables, and no dairy. This allows their gut to begin to heal and process food correctly.
  • 10:00 – Dr. Minkoff discusses the next phase, once the person is stable, where other foods are slowly re-introduced. He is very careful to do this, so there are not too many variables. Dr. Minkoff feels that there is no “point of no return” for improving your health and how doing so can help you outsmart your genetic makeup, as he did. 
  • 14:13 – Dr. Minkoff believes it takes about 60 days to adopt a new habit without struggling against old habits. For overall health and weight loss, he recommends starting with 20 minutes a day, walking, doing pushups, swimming, biking, but getting outside and moving your body every day to help with weight, and help with attitude.
  • 16:44 – Dr. Minkoff discusses how he and his family get healthy sleep with good food, proper and exercise, and the rules they follow in their household, including no electronics in the bedroom. Dr. Minkoff says darkness is key to good sleep and suggests blackout curtains, along with zero electronics in the room. 
  • 19:10 – Dr. Minkoff discusses what he would take if he had access to only three supplements. He talks about PerfectAmino, and how tens of thousands of people have written success stories about the product. It is a way for the body to get the protein it needs, whether you eat meat or are a vegetarian or a vegan. It provides what bodies need to process food right.
  • 19:54 – An explanation about products that provide vital antioxidants found naturally in fruit and vegetables, called Perfect Greens and Perfect Reds, which can be added to a drink, sprinkled on food, or added to water. Your body needs omega fats, and how his company produces a distilled fish oil, free of any heavy metals or plastics, added to a mixture with ginger, curcumin, and Boswellia –powerful support for the body.
  • 25:00 – Dr. Minkoff talks about exercise and how you can’t exercise your way to weight loss or eat your way to weight loss, but that you must earn good health and reap the rewards of feeling better, living longer, and having more energy. This is achieved by establishing new habits and doing them for 60 days or longer, so they become a lifestyle you enjoy.

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