Scott Mulvaney Interview | Optimize Your Health & Mindset

September 17, 2021 3 min read

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Scott Mulvaney, the founder of the lifestyle brand and podcast LIVETHEFUEL, decided to leave the corporate world and become a USFS Hotshot Wildland Firefighter. His journey led him to become a marketing entrepreneur, podcaster, and author. In his podcast, he shares his wisdom and insight into fueling your life with the values learned from firefighting: duty, respect, and integrity.

This episode covers:

  • 2:17 – Dr. Minkoff speaks about the fear instilled by the media, and due to his background as an infectious disease specialist, he views the pandemic from a unique perspective. He believes staying away from the media can help and that it is important to ensure you have reinforcement such as humor and enjoying one another to maintain a healthy mental attitude.
  • 3:35 – An explanation of how 80 percent of illness is psychosomatic and how the fear promoted through the media can suppress the immune system.
  • 7:17 – A discussion about how the media is heavily influenced by their advertisers, with about 70 percent of ads being pharmaceutical-related. He discusses how these large conglomerates control the narrative of what we see and learn about on all media outlets, making it difficult for the average person to obtain accurate data.
  • 12: 17 – A brief history of how Dr. Minkoff became interested in the field of alternative medicine and began participating in Iron Man competitions, starting with his first race in Hawaii. 
  • 28:27 – Dr. Minkoff discusses the chemicals in food and how the body becomes contaminated, leading to disease. He speaks about how health cannot be restored until the diet is corrected, as modern food often has parasites, bacteria, and other problems. His approach is to put patients on an organic paleo diet for six weeks, and about 80 percent of the people resolve gastric reflux, constipation, and bloating, feel better, look better, and sleep better.
  • 32:27 – Dr. Minkoff describes how most people have gut problems and the severe ramifications of a gut that isn’t working right. This critical organ is where neurotransmitters are created, and food absorption is performed. If your gut isn’t working correctly, you can’t have good health.
  • 33:39 – An explanation about how even Parkinson’s patients could achieve remarkable improvements from nutrition, gut health, and supplying the body with the right nutrients, such as vitamin A, zinc, and omega 3 fats. He speaks about dental health and heavy metals, low-grade infections, Lyme disease and parasite infections, and how the right nutrition can often cause symptoms to go way down or disappear.
  • 35:31 – Dr. Minkoff talks about his medical career, how he started as a pediatrician and then trained as an infectious disease specialist, neonatologist, and an ER doctor. He speaks about how his wife became very ill after mercury in her filling was removed incorrectly, which caused severe symptoms and resulted in incorrect diagnoses of various neurological disorders. This sparked his interest in how to remove heavy metals from the body – especially considering that metal fillings still contain up to 50 percent mercury.
  • 39:54 – How aerosolized water particles affect the mercury in fillings, allowing the metal to enter the tissues. He discusses the research that has proven that this dangerous metal enters your tissues after having metal fillings.
  • 57:21 – Dr. Minkoff explains how people can recover more than just their health, but how they can also recover themselves - once again able to do more of the things they enjoy in life. If you live a healthy life, you can achieve your purpose, whatever it may be.

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