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We want to ensure you get the very best results you can from PerfectAmino, just as you do. So we've put together this page to give you information and best practices. It's very important to read through this to make sure you get all of the benefits PerfectAmino has to give.

On this page we will have:

  • Videos you should watch to fully understand how and when to take PerfectAmino for maximum results.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about PerfectAmino and proper use.
  • A PDF guide you can download and print out to help you determine your own personal dosages for full benefits.

Watch These:

Check out these videos, they are short and Informative!

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Answers to Some of Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I mix my PerfectAminoXP?

A: This is is a matter of taste. We have tried to keep our PerfectAminoXP as natural as possible which means no heavy artificial sweeteners or covering agents. So, while some people like it to taste very strong and so add only 8 ounces of water per scoop, others may want to mix it with as much as 15-20 ounces of water per scoop at the very beginning. Just add water and mix it and keep adding water until it tastes right to you.

Q: What is the best time to take PerfectAmino?

A: This depends on what you are trying to achieve.

If you are just trying to build up lean muscle mass, improve bone density, skin health and overall energy and health: take 1-2 servings of PerfectAmino first thing in the morning daily.

If you are taking PerfectAmino to help with your workouts or long runs it is best to take it 30 minutes before you begin your activity. This allows PerfectAmino to be fully absorbed into your blood stream by the time you start working out. Do not take more than 2 servings in a 2 hour period as your body will not be able to utilize more than that. If you are doing much longer workouts, such as Ironman Triathlons, then take 2 servings 30 minutes before you begin and then take 2 serving every few hours depending on how you are feeling.

If you work out for an hour a day take 1-2 servings before your workout and another serving before bed for best results.

If you are taking PerfectAmino to help with a physical condition, such as an injury or illness of some sort, you will need to take more than on a regular, healthy day. In this case it would be best to take PerfectAmino at night before bed as well as first thing in the morning. Take one serving in the morning and 1-2 servings before bed.

Q: Can I take too much PerfectAmino?

A: Yes. While it's much harder to take too much PerfectAmino than other protein sources such as whey or collagen or BCAAs, it is possible.

Your body will utilize as much PerfectAmino as it needs and this can vary from person to person based on weight, activity level, pre-existing physical conditions, etc.

If one does not exercise it is best to take about 1-2 serving per day first thing in the morning. Along with normal servings of protein you should not need anymore than this on a daily basis.

If you are working out you will need varying amounts depending on the intensity level, but here are a few guidelines to watch for. Do not take more than 2 servings of PerfectAmino in a 2 hour period. Your body will simply not be able to put it to use.

We recommend not taking more than 6 servings in a day unless you are doing extreme exercise such as an all day race or something of this sort.

You will notice that PerfectAmino helps to prevent or lessen muscle fatigue and that if you continue to take it during a race you will be more able to continue. In this case take two servings 30 minutes before the race. Then after two hours take no more than 1 serving every 1-2 hours at the very most.

Q: Is PerfectAmino from an animal or vegetable source?

A: Amino Acids are compound molecules and ours are sourced from vegan sources.

Q: How long will it take for me to feel a difference?

A: This varies between individuals. You will likely find that endurance increases quickly, and some elderly see huge differences in just a few days. Increased strength and improved lean body mass can take a couple weeks to a month with regular, correct use. If you have a more severe medical condition or injury that is healing, it may take longer.

Q: Is PerfectAmino cleared to be used by professional athletes?

A: YES, these products are regularly tested by LGC Science, a premier sports drug lab, for complete compliance with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Q: Are allergies to PerfectAmino possible?

A: No, there are no known cases of allergies to our vegan-sourced PerfectAmino.

Q: Will PerfectAmino give me gas or digestive trouble?

A: It shouldn't. However, if you have a sensitive stomach it is best when you start out to take PerfectAmino with some other food. The PerfectAmino can then help to address the sensitivity itself.

Q: Do I need to exercise when taking PerfectAmino?

A: No, but it does help. New muscle is created through a process of progressive overload to the muscle itself through weight training, exercise or even every day activity. This creates tiny tears in the muscle. The body then uses protein to build new muscle to heal the tears. So doing exercise helps to build muscle, but most people find they start adding muscle even without exercise just by taking PerfectAmino which gives their body exactly what it needs to build the muscle it needs.

Q: Can I take PerfectAmino if I am Diabetic?

A: Yes, in fact this is the best protein source you can take as, unlike other proteins, PerfectAmino has virtually no calories or waste that must be addressed by your liver or kidneys. However, as other protein sources can be high in excess amino acids that are converted to sugar (glucose), PerfectAmino should not be taken with these protein as it may end up giving your body more amino acids than it can easily utilize at which point they will be converted to glucose and eliminated via the kidneys. It is best in this case to only take PerfectAmino, not whey or collagen as well.

Q: Will this help build collagen for my skin, hair and nails?

A: Yes, your body requires the essential amino acids to build human collagen. Unfortunately most collagen supplements do not contain all of the essential amino acids and so cannot build any collagen for the human body on their own. many people find that after a couple months of taking PerfectAmino their hair and nails are thicker and stronger and grow faster. Their skin also becomes healthier and more elastic. As collagen supplements are mainly converted to sugar by the body it is not recommended that collagen supplements are taken with PerfectAmino.

Q: Will PerfectAmino take me out of Ketosis?

A: No, PerfectAmino does not change your Ketogenic state once you are in it. It is purely essential amino acids. Take as directed for 99% absorption into the bloodstream. No glycogen response will occur.

Q: Do I need to take PerfectAmino every day?

A: YES, this is recommended. This ensures your body has the building blocks it needs for the continuous rebuilding of its structures. No bad effects will occur if you stop taking it, but do remember, especially when working out or training, recovery can take 2-3 days or more. And if you are older, your body's need for protein has gone up, while its ability to digest and absorb amino acids from normal protein sources has gone down.

Q: Will PerfectAmino affect intermittent fasting?

A: No, PerfectAmino has less than 2 calories per serving for the tablets and 4 calories for the XP. Take as directed to achieve 99% absorption into the bloodstream. No glycogen response will occur.

Q: Is PerfectAmino GMO-free?

A: YES! The Isolated Amino's are derived from Non-GMO sources. We only want you getting the best!

PerfectAmino Usage Guide

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Consult your healthcare practitioner before taking this product if you are pregnant, nursing, anticipate surgery, currently taking medication or are under medical supervision.

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