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Beauty and the Beast

June 24, 2015

Beautiful doesn’t begin to describe the run course as it winds through the breathtaking resort grounds. This is the only opportunity you will probably ever have to run on the gorgeous fairways of a world class resort golf course without getting arrested!  From rolling hills of green grass, to feeling the ocean breeze along the stunning coastal bay, then heading all the way out to the petroglyph park, Honu 70.3 in Kona is truly a journey through paradise.

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7 Reasons Why You Might Not Need Daily Protein Supplements

June 09, 2015

An objective look at taking protein supplements – do you need them or not?   You are already happy with your energy levels throughout the day and don’t get fatigued easily. If you are always full of energy and don’t have dips and lulls through the day, then you definitely do not need to take nutrition supplements daily. Just take them on the occasional day when you are already feeling the symptoms. You have awesome muscle mass and so your body is naturally burning calories and metabolizing food. For those of us who are genetically predisposed to having the perfect body-mass-index (BMI), regardless of your age, it wouldn’t make any sense to take protein supplements, such as PerfectAmino (8 essential amino acids...

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