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Metal-Free uses special metal-binding peptides derived from the algae and bacteria that do it best. Combined with a host of antioxidants and immune-stimulators, Metal-Free is a innovative heavy metal-detoxifier designed to restore your health quickly and gently.


    Package includes:

    • 1 Bottle of Metal-FreeTM with spray extender
    • 1 Bottle of BodyHealth Complete Multi + Daily Liver Support™
    • 3 Bottles of PerfectAmino™
    • 1 Spray Extender

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    And now... With a FREE bottle of Body Detox - An additional $69.95 value!!!


    Why The Program?

    Heavy metals are plentiful in our environment. In our daily contact with water, air and food, they enter our bodies and can cause health problems. Mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, antimony arsenic, beryllium, bismuth, copper, platinum, thallium, tungsten and uranium are heavy metals.

    Metal-Free will remove heavy metals from the body alone, but making sure you are using a high quality multi-vitamin, protein supplement, and intestinal support when removing toxins is vital to success and makes the detox process more enjoyable.

    For people who only have a little bit of heavy metals to remove or are using it for maintenance protocol may get away with just using Metal-Free, but we highly recommend using these other products daily, even when not using a detoxification protocol.


    A more in-depth look at the included products:


    1-8 sprays per day under tongue. Begin by taking 1-2 sprays per day and then build up gradually to 3-4, then 5-6 and finally to 8 sprays a day. Hold for 30-60 seconds. Take on an empty stomach in the morning or at bed time.

    Do “supplement uptake enhancement” by rubbing the palms together briskly for 2-3 minutes. It is known that, by stimulation of acupressure points on the hands, supplements once absorbed would be preferentially taken up by the internal organs of the body.

    Metal-Free binds to heavy metals and carries them out of the body through the bowels (the body’s natural waste dump) and hair. This protects the sensitive kidneys (where most chelators work) from any free radical damage caused by these toxins.

    Metal-Free is able to bind with heavy metals very tightly so they won’t let go. Other frequently used pharmaceutical chelators form looser bonds, which allow for the possibility of the heavy metals to be picked up one place and dropped off at another place in the body.


    BodyHealth Complete Multi + Liver Detox Support™:

    2 tablets twice daily with meals.

    To safely and successfully detoxify heavy metals, individuals must have a daily source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, sources of sulfur, green foods, liver protectors and liver detox promoters.

    These ingredients are what make up BodyHealth Complete + Detox. The product makes detoxification quite simple by incorporating these necessary ingredients into 2 tablets twice daily.



    5-10 tablets once daily, 30 minutes before meals.

    PerfectAmino, an amino acid supplement that is the richest source of protein compared to any food or supplement and needs no digestion. This greatly enhances and speeds up the detoxification process. It should be taken at a minimum of 5 grams (5 tablets) twice per day.

    It can be taken with fruits or vegetables but not with meat, fish, dairy, whey or soy proteins.  These other proteins can be eaten 30 minutes after PerfectAmino has been taken.

    All vegetarians are protein deficient. This may be due to an inadequate amount of high quality protein eaten. Other reasons for protein deficiency are (a) problems with digestion, or (b) medications such as Prilosec, or Tagamet that block protein digestion.

    By adding PerfectAmino to the detoxification protocol the speed and ease of the process has improved greatly. Most chronically ill patients become anabolic quite quickly and overall function vastly improves. This leads to a faster and smoother detoxification.

  • Want to Rid Your Body of Toxic Heavy Metals?

    Metal-Free is an oral chelation agent for toxic heavy metals that is entirely natural and is derived from naturally occurring substances.

    The active ingredients in Metal-Free are a collection of unique peptides produced by a process called microfermentation. Beneficial soil and marine bacteria are specially combined in a “nutrient broth” under exact conditions. The peptides are nanometer in size which the body “sees” as nutrients and therefore they penetrate the mucosa easily. Additionally, since the surfaces of the Metal-Free peptides are negatively charged, they are naturally attracted to the positively charged surface of mucosal cells which enhances absorption.

    Once in the tissues, the peptides bind available heavy metals via three bonds (ionic, covalent and hydrogen) virtually removing it from its tissue binding site. Based on this chemical affinity, we have evidence to show that it will pull mercury more effectively than intravenous DMPS + vitamin C, or oral DMSA. These chelators only bond ionically, which is less secure.

    The metals bound by Metal-Free are eliminated from the body almost totally via the bile-bowel route. This is the natural way the body detoxifies heavy metals. Urine levels remain low and the delicate glomerulus of the kidney is not stressed by the detoxification program. The feces or hair are the optimum way to monitor the amount of heavy metals being eliminated by Metal-Free.

  • How to Use Metal-Free

    It is recommended to start with 1-2 sprays of Metal-Free and gradually increase by 1-2 sprays each week to a maximum of eight sprays once daily (six for a child under age 5, four for a child under age 4, two for a child under age 2). A person who is very highly sensitive can even begin with one drop from a small dropper.

    Metal-Free is absorbed through the membranes lining the mouth. It can also be absorbed through the lining of the stomach when it is empty. Digestive activity in the stomach is destructive to Metal-Free, so for this reason it is recommended to take on an empty stomach. Don't consume food or drink 45 minutes before or after taking Metal-Free.

    As long as there is no metalwork in the mouth, it is simply sprayed into the mouth and held under the tongue for two to three minutes, then swallowed. The whole dosage can be taken at one time each day.

    If Metal-Free comes in contact directly with metal in the mouth, it can actually bond with this dental metal, then it would not be available to bind with the metals within the body, defeating the purpose.

    Therefore, if there is metal in the mouth:

    Use a dropper to drop the Metal-Free down the back of the throat and swallow immediately (3-4 drops from a small dropper is equivalent to one spray) or use the special Extended Sprayer (available from your practitioner or directly from BodyHealth) to spray down the back of the throat.

    Metal-Free is non-toxic. However, if your body is not eliminating toxins at the same rate that Metal-Free is pulling them out of the tissues, you may feel uncomfortable. If this occurs, reduce to a dosage below symptom level. In any event, stay in good communication with your practitioner who will be interested in your progress.

    Typical programs can run 4-6 months in length, depending on the case.  When doing the initial phase of MetalFree, a person will generally use one bottle in the first 2 months, then 1 bottle per month afterward.

    Metal-Free: A Comprehensive Guide
    When you purchase Metal-Free, we'll include this comprehensive guide, but for your convenience you can download and print them here.




  • What makes Metal-Free different from all the other chelators on the market?

    Metal Free’s triple bond means its ingredients bind to metals in 3 different ways compared to only one way that is typical of most chelators. Since the peptides in Metal-Free are in short chains they form a lattice that wraps around the metal. This tri-fold binding provides a stronger union, making it less likely to have the toxic metal picked up one place in the body and dropped off in another place. This is indeed a problem with other chelators like EDTA.

    Unlike most other metal chelators, test results show Metal-Free will not bind to the beneficial minerals that are part of the body structure as they are bound and protected by their natural enzymes. EDTA and DMPS can remove zinc, calcium and other essential minerals and cause a deficiency. This worry does not exist with Metal-Free. Other toxic positively charged particles such as drugs, solvents, pesticides and bacterial and viral residues may also be bound and eliminated.

    The bones are a reservoir for many of these heavy metals and there is research showing that EDTA Chelation can pick up lead from the bones and drop it off in the kidneys, liver or brain. So tight binding is essential.

    Another unique feature is that Metal-Free removes the metals through the bowels utilizing the liver function. It does not come out through the kidney. The bowels are made to withstand strong toxins and are protected from them. Most chelators remove heavy metals via the kidneys and they are easily damaged by the free radical heavy metals. This adds a unique safety feature to Metal-Free’s effectiveness and protects the kidney from damage.

    It comes in an oral spray and so it is easy to dose without having to worry about chopping up pills or dealing with powders in capsules or having to use a suppository.

    Many people are quite overloaded with heavy metals and when they begin they must use a small dose and gradually increase as they begin to feel better. With a spray dosage this is easy and gives the best results.

    Metal-Free is also unique in that it not only binds metals like mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium, but also aluminum, uranium antimony, beryllium, nickel and tin. EDTA and DMPS do not bind these and so leave the body contaminated.

  • Metal-Free® Ingredients

    Microactivated algae, lactobacillus and bifidus extracts

    This is a culture of bacteria involved in a microfermentation process with algae and the following nutrients. Certain nutrients from the culture are then extracted and filtered using a four-step process.


    Peptidylgluconase is an enzyme with binding properties produced by the lactobacilli during fermentation. It is also involved in glucose metabolism.


    Bile acids are conjugated with glycine in the liver, and along with glutamic acid and cysteine, makes up glutathione, a free radical fighter and key detoxifier of the liver.

    Ionic sea minerals

    An ionic mineral is an element that has either positive or negative charge. Ionic minerals are part of a process that allows the body to facilitate changes that move nutrients to the areas that need them. The body relies on ionic minerals and trace elements to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. It has long been known that the blood contains the same minerals as are found in seawater.

    Hydrated colloidal silica

    Silica is found in every living substance on earth, and is a vital component to the health and regeneration of human cells. It is a basic constituent for proper body function and a key element in the following body components: the lungs, the spleen, the lymph nodes,
    the blood, connective tissues, the nails, the hair, the skin, the skeletal system (bones), the blood vessels, cartilage and tendons.


    Glutathione is a small peptide that dumps free radicals as well as being an antioxidant, heavy metal detoxifier, protector of red blood cell integrity and a transporter of various proteins. It also helps to regenerate vitamin C.

    Vitamin C*

    As an antioxidant, Vitamin C can help prevent damage to DNA, lipids and proteins caused by free radical molecules. Studies have shown that Vitamin C can also help remove heavy metals.

    Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance with physiological therapeutic activity. It is a highly viscous substance with numerous biological functions that is found in a variety of body tissues. In the body, it is part of a jelly-like complex necessary for transportation of essential nutrients from the bloodstream, via the capillary network, to the living cells of the skin.

    Fulvic, Ferulic and Lipoic Acids

    Fulvic acids are excellent natural chelators and are vitally important in the nutrition of cells. Ferulic acid is an organic acid, and its major physiological role is likely to be its potent antioxidant and photo-protective function. Lipoic acid has been used for many years to protect the liver and to help detoxify the body of heavy metals, such as excessive copper and iron, and toxic metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury. 


    Numerous studies have been done on chlorella’s detoxifying effect on cadmium, heavy metals, PCBs and chlordecone (a harmful insecticide). 


    Despite being little known, N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a powerful antioxidant and a powerful tool in maintaining immunity. It also can detoxify heavy metals such as mercury, lead and cadmium.

    Research has revealed the following:

    Laboratory tests have been completed on three levels: Level I In Vitro was an examination of the peptide’s ability to fully bind the metal vs. DMPS and DMSA. The active ingredients bound 100% of the mercury versus the DMPS and DMSA binding only 40%. Level II, tested the product’s efficacy in mice and rats. The active ingredients in Metal-Free completely cleared mercury levels within 4 doses (according to animal’s weight) as compared to DMPS or DMSA reducing heavy metals by 2%. Level III, Human Testing: in ongoing testing of individuals with stool mercury excretion between 10 -100 PPM, individuals are showing a broad spectrum of metals being eliminated from the stool during the use of Metal-Free without undue patient discomfort. Increases, over pre-levels, in the amount of several hundred percent per metal, are not uncommon with certain metals.

    Clinical evidence and patient response are fully consistent and provide evidence that Metal-Free formula can greatly shorten a patient’s detoxification period.

    In our patient experience using Metal-Free as part of a mercury detoxification protocol, the period of time required for program completion has been 30-50% faster than without using Metal-Free. This translates to a smoother and faster reduction in mercury toxicity.

    *Vitamin C in nanogram amounts.

    **Chlorella: Metal-Free has been analyzed by King James Medical and Doctor’s Data laboratories for mercury contamination (as well as other heavy metals) and was shown to be free of such contamination. We also regularly perform Quality Control and in-office testing to monitor the product and ensure no heavy metals are present in Metal-Free.

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