Increase Collagen Production by 3 to 6 Times with PerfectAmino.

Younger, Healthier Skin.

Thicker, Stronger Hair & Nails.


Do you need collagen for healthier, more elastic skin, and thicker, stronger hair and nails?


Will you get it from collagen supplements?

Not at all.

What actually happens when we consume collagen?

(And how do we get our body to make our own?)

If you're taking collagen supplements for better skin, hair and nails -- stop. Collagen supplements are not used as collagen by the human body.

That's right. If you consume collagen, or put it on your face as a cream, your body doesn't use it as collagen. It actually converts it almost entirely into carbs (glucose) or stores it as fat. (Not quite what you're looking for.)

You see, Collagen is a protein. It helps form connective tissue for muscles, bone, joints, skin and hair, among other things. And, as with any protein, the different types of Collagen are made from different combinations of amino acids.

And that's the key. Because when you consume collagens or proteins they aren't broken down into collagen and protein molecules and then sent where they're needed.

Instead, they're broken down further than that, into amino acids, the building blocks of protein and collagen.

Your body then takes from these the essential amino acids that are present in the correct ratio and uses these to form new proteins and collagen at your body's discretion and according to its needs.

The kicker is that ALL of the essential amino acids must be present in order to do this. And in collagen -- they just aren't.

"We have complaints from patients who take PerfectAmino.

They complain they have to go to their hairdresser two weeks early. Or that they have to go to the nail salon early because their nails are growing too fast."

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"For your body to build new protein and collagen, it must have all of the essential amino acids -- and in the right ratio.

"If it doesn't, it can't. It's as simple as that."

So How Does This Work?

When you consume protein or collagen, whether from supplements or vegan or meat sources, it all goes through the same process: It's broken down into the amino acids.

Among these are the essential amino acids (amino acids your body cannot make on it's own and must get from outside sources), and non-essential amino acids (amino acids the body can make on its own when the essential amino acids are all present).

Your body then takes from these the essential amino acids that are present in the correct balance, and combines them to make new proteins and collagens as needed by the body.

But it must have ALL of the essential amino acids and they must be in the correct combination.

Too much of some and not enough of others do not allow them all to be used. This leaves excess amino acids. These excess aminos, not paired up, are then converted to glucose or stored as fat. And if not all of the essential aminos are present... it all gets converted to carbs or fat.

We call this amino acid utilization, or AAU. Basically, as each protein source has a different amino acid profile, they each have a different amount of essential amino acids that can be used to create new collagen and protein.

PerfectAmino is pure essential amino acids in a form and ratio that is not only 99% utilized (with almost no calories) but is also completely absorbed into the blood stream within an average of 23 minutes.

if you're looking for the one thing that will increase collagen production 3-6X more than any other collagen source, then you've found it.

Watch this short video to see exactly how it works.

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How Do I Use It?

And what can I expect?

Just take 5-10 tablets per day, either first thing in the morning or before bed.

As PerfectAmino is 99% utilized to build new protein and collagen, this is equivalent in protein/collagen creation to 29 grams of whey protein - just without all the calories or waste that must be handled by your kidneys

While no two people will experience the exact same results, you can expect to see stronger thicker hair and nails within two months, and gradually healthier, more elastic skin.

As your body is composed almost entirely from proteins and collagens, outside of water and fat, this will also help to improve lean muscle mass and toning, decrease fat storage, increase bone strength and density, and help to heal skin conditions and old injuries over time by giving your body what it actually needs to repair itself in a concentrated fully absorbed and utilized form.

PerfectAmino: Ketosis and Low-Carb Diets

Ketosis is a state wherein your body switches to fat-burning for fuel. This is good, but many people who experiment with Ketosis, or carbohydrate restriction, experience muscle loss (catabolism) as a result.

There are two reasons for this: 1) Inadequate levels of amino acids from protein and 2) Many people, in their effort to attain ketosis, mistakenly restrict protein consumption so as not to spike their blood glucose and so be thrown out of ketosis.

But, sticking to a low-carb diet (or if you're trying too fast) can actually be much easier when essential amino acids are present.

For starters, EAAs won’t break your state of ketosis, (unlike major food sources of protein, like steak and eggs). EAAs also allow you to maintain and build muscle — something you simply can't do with BCAAs alone.

And, with only four calories in a 5-tablet serving of PerfectAminos, all in the right forms and ratios, and 99% utilized — they won’t turn into sugar and they won’t spike your levels.

Lastly, as PerfectAmino enters your blood stream within 23 minutes, it can be consumed during a strict, fat-based ketosis diet as a primary source of protein throughout the day for energy and performance.

This strategy can significantly help one remain in ketosis while performing at a very high level.

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