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Interview: #20

The Gutsy Health Podcast 
Ozone Healing with Dr. David Minkoff

In this podcast, Tristan and Juanique speak with Dr. David Minkoff about ozone therapy and his journey to becoming one of the leading alternative healthcare experts in the USA.

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Chantel Ray Interview | How To Lose Weight While Still Getting Your Protein, Getting Your Protein Intake In Less Than 100 Calories, and More

Chantel Ray interviews Dr. David Minkoff on the topic of losing weight while providing your body with the protein it needs on her podcast, “Waist Away the Chantel Way.”  Where she teaches her method to melt away excess fat with intermittent fasting and escape yo-yo dieting. She helps people to stay healthy,

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Scott Mulvaney Interview | Optimize Your Health & Mindset

Scott Mulvaney, the founder of the lifestyle brand and podcast LIVETHEFUEL, decided to leave the corporate world and become a USFS Hotshot Wildland Firefighter. His journey led him to become a marketing entrepreneur, podcaster, and author. In his podcast, he shares his wisdom and insight into fueling your life with the values learned from firefighting: duty, respect, and integrity.

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Kelly Leveque Interview | The Be Well Podcast - Finding the Perfect Protein with Dr. David Minkoff

The Be Well podcast grew out of Kelly’s passion for the science of nutrition, and she stays at the leading edge in the latest research and discoveries about maintaining a healthy body. In this episode of Be Well, Kelly interviews Dr. David Minkoff on the topic of finding the perfect protein.

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Pushing the Limits with Lisa Tamati: The Search for the Perfect Protein and Why So Many of Us Are Deficient

We are regularly exposed to toxic heavy metals, from uranium used in war weapons to lead in our food and burning coal. Exposure to these toxins leads to a lot of fatal diseases, such as cancer. How does our detox system flush them out, and what is the role of amino acids in it?Dr David Minkoff joins us in this episode to explain how heavy metals harm us and how to detoxify our bodies. He also talks about the role heavy metals play in the formation of cancer, the importance of amino acids in our body and why not all proteins are created equal.If you want to know more about the science behind heavy metal detoxing amino acids and protein, then this episode is for you.

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The Gutsy Health Podcast | Ozone Healing with Dr. David Minkoff

Every week The Gutsy Health Podcast takes a deep dive into a health topic that isn't well understood or properly understood by the majority of people, including many healthcare professionals. In this episode they speak with Dr. Minkoff about Prolozone and Ozone, and their incredible applications to health and recovery from disease.

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Optimizing Your Genetic Potential with Dr. David Friedman and Guest Dr. David Minkoff

Dr. Friedman is arguably one of the most well-known and influential alternative medicine practitioners in the nation, and his list of clients reads like a Hollywood A-list. His show, “To Your Good Health,” is one of the most popular weekly broadcasts on health, fitness, and lifestyle-related issues. In this podcast, Dr. David Friedman discusses how to change your habits, shed weight, and have a healthier, more energetic lifestyle. 

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Christina Rice: Mystery Diseases & Energetic Testing for Lyme and Mold with Dr. David Minkoff

Dr. David Minkoff on Mystery Diseases & Energetic Testing for Lyme and Mold with Christina Rice from The Wellness Realness Podcast.

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All About Fitness with Pete McCall

Once you get over a certain age, visiting the Doctor brings with it a certain level of fear and apprehension. Yes, you are active and exercise regularly, but is it enough to make sure you are maintaining great health? Find out with Dr. David Minkoff in this episode all about fitness with Pete McCall.

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Dr. Bryan Abasolo Interview: Searching for the Perfect Protein With Dr. David Minkoff

Dr. Abs and Dr. David Minkoff discuss protein, genetic disposition, and how it is truly possible to maintain your health and physique well into your later years. They discuss effective, natural remedies to improve your health, optimize your performance, and resolve critical illnesses.

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The Health Project with Jed Zimmer - How Heavy Metals Are Destroying our Health, Detoxification & Getting out of the Toxic Environment

Did you know there are things in the environment actively working against your healthy efforts? Find out more with Dr. Minkoff in this episode from the Health Project.

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We’re Living in a Toxic Environment. What Can We Do About It?

Steven Langenhuizen speaks with Dr. David Minkoff about how we’re living in a toxic environment and what we can do about it.

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Frankie Boyer Interview | Learn about PerfectAmino and Weight Loss

Her health show, lifestyle magazine radio show, and podcast cover a wide range of topics, including holistic health, longevity, and graceful aging. Frankie covers vital information regarding discovering the underlying causes of diseases, along with exercise and weight loss – subjects of great interest to her thousands of listeners.

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Alex Lubarsky speaks with Dr. David Minkoff about "The Search for the Perfect Protein"

Alex Lubarsky speaks with Dr. David Minkoff about "The Search for the Perfect Protein" and his amino acids, as well as the remarkable energy stores within the human body, and how to best access it.

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The Surprising Truth About A Little-Known Supernutrient For Weight Loss, Mood, Fatigue, Insomnia, and More

In this podcast episode, Ben Greenfield interviews Dr. David Minkoff about his new book and they unpack all things amino acids…

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Amino Acids, BCAA’s, EAA’s, Ketosis, Bonking & More With 41 Time Ironman Triathlete Dr. David Minkoff.

I  first met this MD and 41-time Ironman triathlon finisher at the Half-Ironman World Championships in Florida six years ago, and interviewed him a few weeks later...

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