Did you know some sports drinks actually make you MORE dehydrated, CAUSE weight gain, and LOWER energy levels?

We all know that when we work out, go running, or spend the day in the sun, we can get dehydrated. Not just from losing water, but from losing essential minerals through our sweat, minerals that balance the water levels in our cells and regulate nerve and muscle function.

This can cause very dry skin, a dizzy feeling, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, sleepiness, lack of energy, confusion and irritability. Not to mention some pretty bad headaches. We obviously need something to rehydrate our cells and get us back on top.

But did you know that many of the top sports drinks promoted as “energy and hydration boosting” are actually loaded with two ingredients that Lower Energy Levels, Dehydrate Cells and Cause Weight Gain?

Sugars & High-Glycemic Maltodextrin

Not only do most well-known hydration drinks contain high amounts of sugar, causing weight gain and sugar spikes, but Maltodextrin actually actively inhibits fat-burning.

And to top it off, they don’t just not rehydrate your body. These two ingredients deplete important minerals like potassium and magnesium -- minerals necessary for hydration that the drink is supposed to be giving to you -- not taking away!

But There's One More Thing -- Something EVERY Other Electrolyte Formula is Missing

And this is possibly the most important missing factor in any hydration/energy formula. You see, when we sweat we don’t just lose minerals necessary for hydration. We lose amino acids too. And it’s this loss that more than doubles the fatigue and exhaustion brought on by dehydration.

That’s why every serving of our electrolytes contains two grams of PerfectAmino pure essential amino acids -- just enough to replace the aminos lost through sweat -- finally giving you what you need to fully REFRESH and RECHARGE

Electrolytes + PerfectAmino

The Perfect Re-Hydration Formula

Introducing: BodyHealth PerfectAmino Electrolytes Formula

Two Delicious Flavors!

Orange Slice & Watermelon Zen

  • Rehydrate Your Cells
  • Boost Energy & Performance
  • Build & Repair Protein
  • Reduce Injuries & Cramping
  • Avoid Blood Sugar Spikes & Bloating

The Synergy of a Complete Electrolyte Formula + PerfectAmino

Electrolytes are crucial in maintaining hydration, increasing and maintaining energy levels and in supporting overall health (1).

Amino acids play a synergistic role in this process, enabling the absorption and utilization of electrolytes.

For this reason, we enhance PerfectAmino Electrolytes with an optimal 2000mg of our Essential Amino Acids. It's this precise amount that provides maximum bioavilibility for the electrolytes -- and the only hydration product on the market enhanced with PerfectAmino.

PerfectAmino Electrolytes are not a replacement for PerfectAmino pure essential amino acids, however they work synergistically so feel free to mix them together - we do!


What's In The Formula

PerfectAmino, Electrolytes and More...

PerfectAmino Electrolytes - Everything You Need To Hydrate

PerfectAmino Electrolytes is the perfect rehydration solution for everyone - athletes included. Take a look at what's inside: 

Sodium - 300mg

One of the most important electrolytes and is mostly related to fluid and water regulation.

Potassium - 250mg

Responsible for the function of excitable tissues such as skeletal and cardiac muscle and nerves.

Magnesium - 50mg

Involved in over 600 cellular reactions from making DNA to helping your muscles contract.

Trace Minerals - 80mg

Used by your body to help keep bones, muscles, heart and brain functioning properly. 

Zinc - 2mg

Helps to make proteins and DNA, bolstering the immune system and helping to heal wounds.

PerfectAmino® - 2,000mg

The 8 essential amino acids, optimized in the perfect ratio to help the body build and repair muscle, bone, cells, hormones, and so much more!

What's Not In The Formula:

PerfectAmino Electrolytes are paleo and keto friendly, non-GMO, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, soy free, egg free, dairy free, GMP and made in the U.S.A.

What Others Are Saying

The Perfect Re-Hydration Formula

"PerfectAmino has always been my go to everyday all day. Now with added electrolytes it’s next level. The taste is amazing as well! My fasted workouts are fueled by this product. Yes , EAAs do NOT break the fast. I recommend this product to the whole world. Simply said."

-Marcus Balliette

"Ready to continue my marathons and other distances with the new PerfectAmino Electrolytes! Received my Watermelon Zen yesterday. It smells yummy straight from the container and tastes amazing! To me, it has a light fresh taste! Thank you, BodyHealth!"

- Francene Woods Johnson

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Electrolytes (x1)


50 Servings


Electrolytes (x3)


150 Total Servings


Electrolytes (x1)


50 Servings


Electrolytes (x3)


150 Total Servings


Meet The Doctor

David Minkoff, MD

My name is Dr. David Minkoff, M.D., and I am a 43-time Full Ironman Triathlon competitor. At 70 years old and having competed in the Kona World Championships 8 times, I am a lifelong athlete and natural supplement ambassador. I am also the Medical Director for one of the country’s largest alternative medical clinics and have spent my entire career helping others improve their health.

Every athlete needs to be taking an electrolytes formula. It's essential that you rehydrate your body - especially before and after competitions.

I truly believe that with PerfectAmino Electrolytes, we have created a perfect rehydration formula to help replenish all the minerals, salt and protein that you lose during extensive exercise.

Our formula does all this and tastes incredible. It's really a remarkable formula, free from what you don't need and packed with what you do need. Try it today!

David Minkoff, M.D. - Founder of BodyHealth

David Minkoff, M.D.
Founder of BodyHealth

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