BodyHealth Team Member Lesley Paterson




I learned pretty quickly how to take care of myself! However, as with most good things in life, it came to an end. I was too old to play with the boys, so I found an equally crazy sport called triathlon. Since the tender age of 14, I’ve competed all over the world for the British and Scottish triathlon team, developing awesome friendships and seeing some amazing parts of the world.

However, as most young athletes do, I got disillusioned with the sport. Sick of being last in drafting races and constantly banging my head off a brick wall with swimming, I gave it up!

Always having been a creative little thing (I got my BA degree in Drama), I decided to do my Masters degree in Theater. So, through all of this soul searching and artistic expression,  I actually realized I missed competing. I started slowly with running (hey why not start with your strengths right?), and after winning a few races, I found that I had a different approach to the sport. I genuinely enjoyed training, I genuinely enjoyed racing and what’s more, my body felt different. It felt more mature and I guess I had a better understanding of how it worked. I didn’t want to do drafting races anymore, I needed to find a sport that suited my strengths instead of crippling me because of my weaknesses….and thats when I found Xterra. Dirt, hills and cool people! I’ll have me some of that!

So now having done 2 seasons of Xterra, my first real winter of proper training (with my new awesome coach Vince Fichera), I am finally fulfilling my potential! I am so excited about this winter as the training is going really well, the film stuff is getting there and married life is sweet….