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Every day during May, 2020 we are giving away a free product of BodyHealth supplements to 8 lucky winners, chosen randomly throughout the day! 

How it works: Every two hours we will choose one person who purchased during that time to receive a predetermined product, which will be shipped to them for free!

This will be a different product every day, so pay attention to our emails and social media posts for details. One day it might be a free bottle of PerfectAmino tablets, the next day might be our new Perfect Reds and another day could be a box of 12 BodyHealth Bars, and so-on…

One winner will be picked from each two-hour block during the day to ensure no one gets left out!

We’ll then announce the winners of the previous day, along with the next day’s product giveaway, on the BodyHealth Facebook and Instagram pages as well as in some emails.

There is no minimum purchase necessary to win but you can only win once per day. You can order on-line or over the phone or even email if you so choose.

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