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Optimum Weight Maintenance Package

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Once you lose weight with our Optimum Weight Management Program, your body needs three weeks of support to keep it off and avoid the yo-yo effect. The Optimum Weight Maintenance Package has everything your body needs to maintain complete nutrition, detox support, high energy levels, and protein synthesis.

  • Description

    An All-In-One Package to Keep those Pounds from Creeping Back

    The BodyHealth Optimum Weight Management Program is a carefully designed system to lower your body weight “set point” – permanently.

    After the main program, a three-week “maintenance period” is critical for stabilizing your body at it’s new, healthier weight.

    Without it, you risk the “yo-yo effect”–weight bouncing right back (or higher!) to where it was before.

    In this essential maintenance period, your body has special requirements to adjust to the new weight and recover from the detox that accompanies weight loss.

    Weight Loss and Detox

    Toxins accumulated from daily life end up stored in our fat tissue. When you begin burning off the excess fat and shrinking inches from your waistline, these toxins are released into your bloodstream and cause damage.

    To manage this extra toxicity, it’s important to support your liver and detox system. That’s why we include both Perfect Amino and CompleteMulti + Liver Detox. Perfect Amino gives your body the necessary supplies to regenerate the proteins and peptides critical for detoxification.

    Complete Multi + Liver Detox gives your body all the essential nutrition you need for optimal health along with a special formula to help your liver breakdown all those extra toxins.

    Everything You Need to Stay Vibrant, Healthy, and Thin

    Our Optimum Weight Maintenance Package Includes:

    • Perfect Amino: Our perfect blend of the 8 essential amino acids with 99% utilization. The perfect formula to build protein, maintain and even increase muscle mass, and help your body rebuild, repair, and detox.*

    • Complete Multi + Detox and Liver Support: A full-spectrum multivitamin with extracts of organic fruits and vegetables, packed with micronutrients, plus our detox formula to help your liver process toxins released from body fat. This supplement is the ultimate daily vitamin for optimal health.

    • Intestinal Cleanse: Our bowels are the body’s primary detox pathway. Our gentle herbal support supplement promotes healthy bowel function so your body can cleanse and rejuvenate itself after weight loss.

    • Healthy-Thin Energize: Herbal metabolic support to keep your energy levels high, cravings low, and your appetite under control while you adjust to your new, healthy weight.

    Order the Optimum Weight Maintenance Package and Save 15%!

    Buying each of these high-quality supplements individually normally costs $156.85.

    Order the package, and you can save 15% on the normal retail price!

    Just $133.30 to keep that weight off permanently, sustainably, and without the cravings or yo-yo effect.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is this only for people who have completed the Optimum Weight Management Program?

    A: While the Optimum Weight Maintenance Package is designed as the final phase of the OWM Program, anyone working to lose weight and be healthier may benefit from using this package. However, for best results, we suggest first going through the Optimum Weight Management Program.

    Q: Do I need to follow a special diet with this package?

    A: Yes, this program is specially designed to work with our diet plan included in the Optimum Weight Management Program. If you have not completed the OWM Program, we recommend an organic Paleo-style diet.

    Q: Can I keep taking these products after the 3-week period?

    A: These products facilitate your optimal health. You can take these products for as long as you like. However, after reaching your weight loss goals, you may want to stop taking HealthyThin Energize.


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