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Body Detox Cleanse Program

  • How to Maintain Your Results After The Cleanse

    How to continue to improve your health and deal with the toxins you come in contact with daily to prevent another toxic load buildup.

    You've just taken the first steps of detoxification and cleansing to achieve optimum health. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from environmental toxins and pollutants in today's world.

    This maintenance system is designed to help you in the following ways: (a) keep the gains you've achieved, (b) help your body eliminate the toxins it comes into contact with on a daily basis, (c) continue to detoxify toxins that may still be stored in the body, (d) cleanse, and (e) heal.

    1. Continue to eat organic for all produce and meats as much as possible. This keeps one from getting the chemical, pesticide, and hormone load back. While we suggest that one avoid dairy products and grains, whole grains can be added back if one desires to. We suggest you continue to avoid white sugar, processed grains, and caffeine.
    2. Work up to eight sprays of Body Detox™ each night at bedtime.
    3. Continue taking essential amino acids (such as PerfectAmino) before exercise if possible.
    4. Continue taking a high-quality multivitamin (such as BodyHealth Complete Multi + Daily Liver Support) twice daily.
    5. Continue with Omega 3 Fish Oil, one tablespoon per day.
    6. With approval from your physician, maintain exercise at 40 minutes per day. Strength training twice per week and aerobic four days per week. One day off!

  • The Body Detox Cleanse Includes:

    • Body Detox™ Oral Spray (1 bottle)
      Body Detox is used to detoxify and cleanse the body. A spray extender is available to users who have amalgams.
    • PerfectAmino® Amino Acid Formula (2 bottles of 150 tablets each)
      PerfectAmino supplies a unique patented blend of the essential amino acids for protein synthesis. It provides valuable nutrition enabling the cleansing process and to help rebuild the body. The fastest growing tissues in the body are the inner lining of the intestinal cells. They need a very good protein source to re-grow and heal as the toxins and pollutants begin to dump. It helps to speed the detoxification and healing process.
    • BodyHealth Complete Multi + Liver Detox Support (1 bottle)
      BodyHealth Complete Multi + Liver Detox Support is a high quality multivitamin supplement containing a complete blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients to support your liver so it can process all the stored toxins and pollutants while helping your body heal. The detoxification process is more difficult if nutritional deficiencies exist.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What if I want to do the program quickly?

    A: This point bears repeating, always consult with your physician before starting this kind of program. And that the best program is a GRADUAL one.

    If you experience negative effects, you might be going too fast. Back off on the sprays to the point where you were last doing well and stay at that number for a few days.

    Make sure that you have at least two daily bowel movements and that you are drinking enough pure water. Once you are feeling better, slowly increase the dosage.

    If you have other questions or difficulties, please contact a healthcare practitioner in your area who is knowledgeable about detoxification procedures.

    Q: Will I get tired during the first few days of the cleanse?

    A: You may, as your body is going through a lot of work to eliminate the stored toxins. Extra sleep or a need for naps can be normal, and one should take advantage of it.

    Q: I don't want to give up drinking coffee and smoking. Can I still do the cleanse?

    A: When you are continuing to take in toxins, the program will still work, but it will go slower.

    Q: Can I eat unlimited fruits and vegetables?

    A: Yes, in fact, you need to eat to make sure you get enough calories, and your blood sugar does not get too low. Try to eat at least one to two pounds of fruits and vegetables three times per day. For example, a couple of apples and a banana for breakfast. Try to eat as much organic as you can, so you're not adding more toxins to your system while you're trying to get them out.

    Q: One day, I ate some crackers as I felt I didn't have enough substantial food. Does this ruin the cleanse, and do I need to start over?

    A: No. Just try to maintain the diet as well as you can. Eating good food is one of the important parts of the program, so try to maintain it at each meal.

    Q: I did my usual weekend exercise and felt more fatigued than usual. Could this be because of the cleanse? When will my increased energy kick in?

    A: The body is working hard, and excess exercise might be too much of an added burden. Try to keep this in mind. Usually, if you are sticking to the diet, your energy should really pick up within three to four days.

    Q: I am too tired to exercise? Will this negatively affect my cleanse? When will I start to have more energy?

    A: Some walking and stretching are good. Just don't overdo it if you are feeling fatigued. If you are in the sauna, that is equivalent to exercising.

    Q: Can I drink juice on the cleanse?

    A: It's better to drink pure water and eat fruit and vegetables.

    Q: My stools are really smelly? Is this normal?

    A: Yes. Bad stuff is coming out, and it often smells!

    Q: When do you take the Omega 3 fish oil?

    A: It doesn't matter what time of day you take it – just make sure you do.

    Q: I am experiencing terrible body odor? Is this normal, and what can I do about it?

    A: Again, toxins are coming out. It's a good sign. Shower often and continue the program. Avoid antiperspirants as they suppress the toxin elimination process.

  • The Cleanse Worksheet

    Here is a quick list to help you easily remember what to do:

    1. For detoxification and cleansing, reduce the number of toxins coming in.
        • Drink pure water, at least 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight per day.
        • Eat only organic fruits and vegetables in amounts needed to keep you from being hungry. You can eat lots of these.
        • Your foods may be steamed, lightly sauteed, or used in soups but not deep-fried. Olive oil and coconut oil are permitted. Sea salt is permitted.
    1. Detoxification and cleansing include increasing the number of toxins going out.
    2. Improve the quality of nutrition so the body can heal.

    Here's a chart that you can download or print. Check off each item as you do it to help keep track of where you are in the program.

    Click here to view, download, and print the Cleanse Worksheet.


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