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PerfectAmino Fat Loss & Lean Bulk Program

32 reviews

This package includes:

  • Access to our 30 Day Challenge with Guidance and Support
  • 1 FREE download of The PerfectAmino Guide to Fat Loss & Lean Bulking
  • 1 Bottle of PerfectAmino 120 servings in either Tablet or Powder Form (Lemon Lime and Mocha Boost flavors come in two 60 serving bottles)
  • 1 Bottle of Omega 3 Health
  • 1 Bottle of Full Spectrum Digestive Support

    • Description

      We’ve been educated that in order to build muscle and have a well-defined physique we must first bulk, gaining muscle and fat at the same time, and then work hard to lose this excess fat through cardio, calorie-cutting, starvation, energy-crashes, mood swings, and perhaps tears.

      And hopefully, we won’t lose too much of our muscle gains in the process.

      That in order to lose fat we must starve ourselves, or eat only celery, or suck on fat-loss lollipops that may taste good but don’t do much else.

      That’s what we’ve been told. What we’ve been shown.

      And. It. Is. NOT. True.

      You don’t need to go through hell to build a lean, muscled physique you love.

      You can build lean muscle without all that excess fat — and do so naturally.

      And you can lose excess fat without losing muscle and keep it off. And all without going through a mid-life crisis each time.

      You just can’t do it with your current, incredibly-cheap-to-produce protein powders, energy drinks, and highly processed foods.

      These foods affect our hormones, the chemicals in our body that tell our cells what to do. These hormones tell our cells to burn fat or store fat, build muscle or break it down, raise energy levels or lower them.

      When these hormones are in balance we have no problems gaining muscle or losing fat and our energy levels and mood are high.

      But when they’re off we get hormones telling our body not only to store fat but to not burn fat and decrease energy levels and break down muscle — no matter how much exercise or cardio we do.

      Or telling them not to build muscle, making it much harder on us.

      Fat is just stored energy from our food that wasn’t used. If we have extra body fat it’s because we ate more than our body needed.

      But then why do we still feel hungry if our body doesn’t need it anymore? And why is it so hard to lose that fat once we’ve gained it or get away from foods we know aren’t helping us?

      And why do we have to build so much fat while building muscle and then starve ourselves to lose the fat, hoping we don’t lose too much of the hard won muscle along with it?

      There’s really no reason. And to be honest, what you’ve been told works may have been based more on what gives the most profit to a large company than on actual science.

      There are certain types of food we can eat or not eat that raise or lower our hormones and so determine whether the food we eat will be stored as fat or used to power us through a workout. And whether or not our body will burn our stored fat for energy or instead break down muscle for energy.

      We need to fix these hormones and get them working how they’re supposed to. You’d be surprised at how easy things become then.

      Because when our hormones are off we can eat until we’re stuffed and still feel starving, go running for two hours and not lose any fat, spend hours in the gym while making little gains, have low energy most of the day, and much, much more.

      Not for everybody… but for many.

      And these processed proteins are pretty hard on our liver, kidneys, heart, and digestive system over time, as much of the protein sources used for muscle building today, are, unfortunately, mainly converted to glucose (sugar) in the body. And highly processed sugars and refined fats lead to all sorts of physical situations over time which again cut down our gains, or make them harder to achieve.

      They build up fat in our arteries which leads to high blood pressure and heart disease and strains our liver's detox systems, not to mention lowering our endurance and stamina during workouts and our body’s overall ability to repair and build.

      And when we factor in the digestive health of most people these days, and the fact that much of our food isn’t being broken down enough to even be used by the body as nutrition, the battle can seem lost before it’s even begun.

      So, unless you’re the kind of person who enjoys emotional roller-coasters, weight loss diets that often derail, added sweat for no reason, or just the overwhelming joy of constantly gaining and losing a belly all for the fun of it… then you should check out this guide and join our program.

      It’s FREE. And it gets results. And that is the only thing that actually matters.

      Suggested use

      • PerfectAmino: You will be taking at least 1 serving for every 50 lbs of body weight plus 1 more.
      • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Take at least one gel cap for every 50 lbs of body weight unless there is fatty seafood each day.
      • Digestive Enzymes: Start with 1 capsule per meal, but up it to 2 capsules if you’re still experiencing digestive issues of any sort. Take with the meal, not before.

    • The 30 Day Challenge

      In the guide, you will find the programs for both Fat Loss & Lean Bulking as well as the information these programs are based on.

      But while these are great things to release, we all know it’s a lot easier to do something when you’re guided through it, coached along and able to ask any questions and get any help needed. And also to do it with others who are all going through the same thing you are, both to sympathize with each other when pushing through cravings or cheer each other on with each success.

      So we put together a group where you will be helped along every step of the way, to ask any questions, get help tweaking things for you, and get cheered on and supported.

      It also gives you accountability. Because when you’re there doing it alongside others, you’ll think twice about falling off the bandwagon and you will make it through. And you will be so happy that you did!

      You will also be actively checked up on. So if you’re not posting anything for a few days, we’ll reach out to make sure everything is going well and help you if it’s not. We want you to get results. And if you follow the protocols and do it in the group — you will.

      And you will be set up to continue to do well from there on out.

      To join the program you’ll first join our Facebook Group HERE

      From there you’ll sign up for the program and we’ll soon let you in (We do this in sets as in the first few days people have the most questions and need the most help and we want to make sure everyone gets what they need, so we can’t overwhelm ourselves too much).

      Once in there are a few posts to read about getting help, how to navigate the group (it’s very easy) and what to post.

      On your first day, you will post pictures (your head can be cropped out) including your weight and whether you are doing the Bulk or Cut, and what your macros are. You will also include any questions here. (If it’s just too much to post a picture then you can take measurements and post these instead).

      Then you will follow the protocol and a week later do a new post with updated pics and information. This continues to week four and then at the 30-day mark we compare Day 1 pics to Day 30 pics.

      You can ask questions or get help at any point throughout this, and will. And we’ll be there to answer your questions and help however is needed.

      It’s really very simple. But also very effective.

      And it’s just 30 days. Anyone can get through that!

      Sign up HERE

    • FAQ's

      Q: Can I do this if I have heartburn, GERD, gas, or indigestion?

      A: Yes you can. These conditions may be caused by low stomach acid causing the food in your stomach to take longer to break down. In this case, we recommend taking a digestive enzyme that helps produce stomach acid.

      Q: Will I lose weight on this program?

      A: Pound for pound fat takes up more space than muscle but it actually weighs less. So if you increase muscle and lose fat, one will typically see and feel a difference. Your clothes will be looser and your waist slimmer. But you may or may not notice a change on the scale.

      Q: Can I take too much PerfectAmino?

      A: Yes and no. We often tell people not to take more than 2 servings at a time unless they are over 200 lbs in weight. But this is because we don’t want you to waste your PerfectAmino, not because extra will harm you.

      Amino acids will usually remain in your bloodstream for about 2-3 hours after being consumed and more than 2 servings likely won’t be utilized fully for most people. However, if you would like to take more to see if it will help, this won’t harm you. Even if one serving of PerfectAmino were fully un-utilized for protein building, it would only be converted to 10-20 calories. It would be like taking an extra 5 grams of whey protein.

      Q: I’m worried about too much protein harming my liver and kidneys?

      A: Since 99% of PerfectAmino is utilized to build new protein and collagen (by replacing out other partially utilized protein sources that overwork the liver and kidneys) and because there is little to no nitrogen waste, you will actually greatly reduce the load on them.

      Q: What should I do if I’m currently taking hormones?

      A: This shouldn’t be a problem, however, we recommend you consult with your physician if you have concerns about this.

      Q: I’m currently under a doctors care, do I have to let them know?

      A: Yes. If you are currently seeing a doctor do let them know about this program and that you would like to participate before starting. They should be fully informed so that they can give you any advice needed personal to you to ensure you do the best that you can.

      Q: What if I’m on a medication?

      A: We recommend you consult with your physician if you are concerned with an interaction with a medication you are taking. We are not allowed to consult with you in a medical capacity.


    • Program Guide

      If you still need to download the guide or need another copy you can download the guide HERE.



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United States United States
I recommend this product

PerfectAmino Fat Loss and Lean bulk program

I’m giving this program a shot after reading all about it. So far I feel great and can tell I will stick with this for a long time!

United States United States
I recommend this product

Essential health

I really enjoy the quality and flavor. You can't taste the fish oil at all. So nice having extra help with digestion. Aminos for daily rebuild. Grear health combo.

Jared F.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Great Product, Education, and Experience!

I have been taking the Perfect Amino Tablets for a couple of months now and truly believe in this product. When you first order it, they send you many links to detailed information that answers all of your questions and more! The Facebook group has been very beneficial as well! I just completed the 30 day Lean Bulk program with great success! I had already been working out for almost a year so the changes are very gradual, but in just 30 days, I have noticed strength and energy increases without gaining any fat! I gained 2 lbs in 30 days and plan to stay on this program until March! Much gratitude BodyHealth!

BodyHealth PerfectAmino Fat Loss & Lean Bulk Guide & Program Review
Zephyr S.
I recommend this product

Amazing company, products and support!

I am extremely thankful for their ongoing support, supplements and their distribution of knowledge! I was uncomfortable increasing my calories and trusting the process but I was committed to committing to something that works that didn’t make me feel like I needed to starve myself to be fit and lean. This is the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had with food and fully understand the impact of my macros now!

Zephyr S.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Amazing company, products and support!

I am extremely thankful for their ongoing support, supplements and their distribution of knowledge! I was uncomfortable increasing my calories and trusting the process but I was committed to committing to something that works that didn’t make me feel like I needed to starve myself to be fit and lean. This is the healthiest relationship I’ve ever had with food and fully understand the impact of my macros now!!