Don't Have A Cow Over Milk - Check Out All These Non Dairy Alternatives

by BodyHealth Representatives January 10, 2019 2 min read

Glasses of coconut milk and a small jar of almonds.

Non dairy milks have been around for quite some time but in recent years have been growing in popularity and so has the choices. It's not just milk now, but most dairy products you can find a non-dairy alternative and it's usually a much healthier alternative with a much lower carbon footprint and even tastes better. Lets look specifically at some of the more popular choices.

🥛Soy Milk: The more poplar choice - stick with non-gmo varieties as most consumer soy has been heavily altered.
🥛Almond Milk: At half the calories as regular milk, 0 cholesterol, & low fat this sweet nutty option it a top pick.
🥛Coconut milk: While coconut milk does contain fat, it’s mostly medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCT Oil like found in our PerfectAmino PowerMeal), the healthy fats making it a great heart healthy keto friendly choice.
🥛Cashew Milk: Higher in protein than most choices with a complex creamy flavor and one of the easiest for making at home.
🥛Hazelnut milk: Creamiest of the nut milks, It also has the most protein of packaged nut milk options.
🥛Hemp Milk: One of the newer options, hemp milk contains all 8 essential amino acids (Just like PerfectAmino), it's a complete protein and rich in omega-3's, it's high in protein and boasts a variety of health benefits.
🥛Rice Milk: The least allergenic of the non-dairy milks, however it has the highest carbs and glycemic index, it's a great choice for someone with food intolerance.
🥛Oat Milk: High in fiber and beta-glucan which reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the body.
🥛Macadamia Milk: A low calorie option & a great source of healthy monounsaturated fats.

Try one or try them all, you likely to find a suitable substitute for cows milk and you'll likely like it a lot more.

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