12 Popular Foods In Danger Of Extinction & Reasons Why

by BodyHealth Representatives February 27, 2019 2 min read

Person holding half a globe that has a tree in it as well as a water spicket dripping water.

By now, you must know what an endangered species is. There are loads of them, humans are literally pushing animal off of the planet, for good. But it's not just limited to animal species.  This phenomenon impacts the plant kingdom as well as the animal kingdom.


Impacting plants and animals means that there is a potential impact to our food supply.  Did you also know that food can be endangered too? It’s happened before.  As much as 93% of all food crop seeds were lost from 1903-1923 and dozens of animals have already been hunted by humans to extinction.


Let’s look at a few foods that might disappear from store shelves in the foreseeable future and a brief explanation why:

  1. 🍊 Oranges: Incurable disease is sweeping across US citrus groves.
  2. 🌱 Durum wheat: The kind used in pasta; droughts and global warming are exponentially reducing crops.
  3. 🍷 Wine: Global warming strikes again, and grapes really suffer from drought.
  4. 🐝 Honey: We're killing all the bees and out of 20,000 species of bees, only 4 make honey.
  5. 🍫 Chocolate: another victim of the ongoing droughts and increasing temperatures worldwide. Predictions estimate it could all be gone by 2050.
  6. 🥜 Peanuts: Peanuts need a stable environment and with climate change there are few regions left with consistently stable environments where they will grow.
  7. 🌳 Maple Syrup: Yup, climate change again. Nearly a third of all maple species are under threat of extinction in their native habitats.
  8. 🐟 Fish: Humans are causing an unsustainable strain on fish populations, enjoy them while you can or better yet, give up fish and go vegan.
  9. 🍌 Bananas: The Cavendish banana, the one most widely eaten in the USA is another victim of disease spreading across continents.
  10. ☕Coffee: Wild coffee beans, already in short supply should be completely gone by 2080 due to climate change.
  11. 🌿 Chickpeas: They need too much water and frankly, were running dry globally. The Middle East is one of the most prolific producers of the chickpea, but the fact is that there are terrible water shortages in that region.
  12. 🥑 Avocados: Another drought victim, an avocado takes 9 gallons per ounce of avocado to produce, the major producer is drought-stricken California

Not that's it's necessary to start stocking up on these foods now, but enjoy them now as some may disappear in your lifetime.


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