What Is Nutrition? And Why is it Important for Endurance Athletes?

by CJ Hitz October 26, 2016 3 min read 0 Comments

What Is Nutrition? And Why is it Important for Endurance Athletes?

What is nutrition and what impact does it have on your performance? And why is nutrition important for endurance athletes? Has either of these questions ever crossed your mind? Unfortunately, many athletes neglect this important key to success.

Imagine If...

You could choose any car you wanted, regardless of the bells & whistles offered? What would you choose? Lamborghini? Mercedes? Rolls Royce?

Oh, and one other detail...

It's the only car you'll ever get for life.

Would that change your decision? After picking out the car you'll be driving for life, how would you treat it? How often would you change the oil, rotate the tires, change the brakes, have the inside detailed, wash & wax the outside?

The knowledge that we only get one of something, whether a car, a house or even a bicycle would certainly motivate us to treat those things with a little extra tender loving care.

Why Nutrition is Important: One Body For Life

So why would it be any different with our bodies? We only get one for life.

How are you treating yours?

As endurance athletes, we're breaking our bodies down with each run, bike or swim we complete. And that's where the importance of nutrition comes in!

What is nutrition? Nutrition is simply the provision, to our bodies, of the materials necessary (in the form of food) to support life. In other words, we have to rebuild what we break down!

Are you aware that...

  • Every 6 months, 60% of our body is brand new…regenerated from scratch on a cellular level
  • Every 7 years, 95% of our body is brand new at the cellular level
  • We each have the ability to re-create our physical existence from the ground up

Some of us may be horrified to realize what kind of body we've been building over the last six months, let alone seven years. None of us would knowingly consume rat poison on a daily basis but what about poisons in the form of processed, chemically-laden foods?

In The Driver's Seat

As an athlete, if you could choose your "body", what would you choose? What materials would it be made of? What kind of energy level would it have? How about the muscle, ligament, and tendon structure?

It's true that each of us has different genetics, but we shouldn't use that as an excuse for mediocrity. Each of us has the ability to reach our full God-given potential.

Unfortunately, nutrition is a stumbling block for many trying to reach that potential.

So, what is nutrition? Well, one thing I know for sure (from experience), is that proper nutrition is crucial for the endurance athlete.

After all, you only get one body for life!

3 Ways I suggest using BodyHealth supplements to help maintain your body for optimal performance…

  1. Start taking a dose of PerfectAmino (tablets or powder) before going to bed at night. This will give your body some rebuilding materials for the “graveyard shift.” Studies have shown that our bodies repair themselves the most during that precious REM sleep pattern as extra hormones are released. Why not aid this recovery with an incredible amino acid (building blocks of protein) supplement that works!
  2. Start off every morning with a scoop of Perfect Greens powder mixed into your smoothie or water. In a fruit and vegetable starved society, endurance athletes simply can’t afford to rob their bodies of key nutrients. This is an easy (and might I add deliciously) way to immediately boost your health.
  3. Immediately after a particularly hard workout, take a serving of PerfectAmino. Within 20 minutes, this incredible supplement is already utilized by the body toward recovery. After this 20 minute window, I like to mix a scoop of my favorite protein powder with water for an additional lean rebuilding aid.
CJ Hitz
CJ Hitz

After running in the 1988 State Cross Country meet in Eugene, Oregon as a high school sophomore, CJ gave up running for nearly 20 years before being drawn back into the sport. CJ caught the “running bug” in 2008 and has not looked back since. He’s dropped over 50 pounds in weight and continues to set new lifetime personal bests as a national class masters runner. CJ has competed in well over 150 races ranging from road 5Ks to trail 50Ks. He enjoys a fast road 5k or a grueling mountain race with lots of elevation gain & loss. Basically, he just plain loves running. CJ and his wife Shelley reside in Colorado Springs, CO where they are spoiled beyond measure with mountains, trails and sunshine. CJ's Train Well Race Well Coaching site - www.TrainWellRaceWell.com Check out CJ's latest book Smoothies For Runners 2.0 here - https://www.amazon.com/Smoothies-Runners-2-0-Performance-Injury-Free/dp/0692738452

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