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What Is Nutrition? And Why is it Important for Endurance Athletes?

by CJ Hitz October 26, 2016 3 min read 0 Comments

What Is Nutrition? And Why is it Important for Endurance Athletes?

What is nutrition and how might it impact your performance? Have you wondered why nutrition is so important for endurance athletes? Have these questions ever crossed your mind? Most athletes neglect this important aspect as a key to success.

What If...

You had the choice of any car you wanted. Regardless of all of the bells & whistles it came with? Which would you choose? Porsche? Mercedes? Bentley?

What about this other detail…?

Let’s say this would be the only car you'll ever get in your entire life.

Would your decision be different? After you pick out the car you'll drive for life, think about how you would treat it? How frequently would you give it an oil change? Tire rotation? Brake job?, Detail, wash & wax?

Knowing that we only get ONE of something, regardless of if it’s a car, an apartment, or even a scooter definitely motivates us to treat these things with a little extra tender love and care.

Why is Nutrition so Important? You Only Get One Body… For Life!

Why should it be different with regard to our own bodies? We only get one for life.

So thereby the question: How are you treating your body?

If you are an endurance athlete, you know you’re breaking your body down every time you run, bike or swim and when you complete. And that's where the importance of good nutrition comes in.

What is the definition of nutrition? Nutrition is essentially the provision, to our body, of the materials needed (such as food) to support life. Another way of saying this is that we need to rebuild what we break down!

Did you know that...

  • Every 6 months, approximately 60% of your body regenerates and is brand new! It actually regenerates, on a cellular level, from scratch!
  • Every 7 years, up to 95% of your body on a cellular level is brand new!
  • We are all able to re-create our physical existence from the ground up

Some of you may actually be horrified when you realize what kind of body you've been building over the half-year, let alone 7 years. Would you knowingly eat rat poison every day? ...Right, but what about poisons in the form of processed foods that are full of chemicals?

You Are In The Driver's Seat

Let’s say you are an athlete… if you were able to literally choose your "body", what body would you choose? What would you make it with? What materials? What kind of energy level would you have? What kind of muscles, ligaments, and tendon structure?

Yes, it is true that we all have different genetics, but that really shouldn't be an excuse for being mediocre. We all have the ability to reach our full, God-given potential.

But did you know that nutrition, unfortunately, is a major stumbling block for many of us trying to reach that potential.

Well, what is nutrition you ask? One thing that is known for certain (from hard-won experience), is that endurance athletes find proper nutrition to be crucial for performance.

Like we said… you only get one body for life!

3 suggestions for using BodyHealth supplements that can help you maintain your body for optimal performance…

  1. First, let’s start taking PerfectAmino (either tablets or powder) before you go to bed at night, to give your body some really great rebuilding materials for its “graveyard shift.” You can get the PerfectAmino user guide HERE to determine how much you should be taking.

    Studies shown that your body does most of it's repairing while you're asleep. It repairs bone, muscle, and cellular tissue during your deep sleep cycles and it repairs hormones and mental processes during the precious REM sleep cycle, so in addition to getting enough sleep as well as efficient sleep, it’s a great ideal to aid this recovery with the building blocks of protein – in a supplement that actually works.

  2. Take a scoop of Perfect Greens and/or Perfect Reds Formula every morning as a great way to start your day. Mix it in your smoothie or in water. Society is starved for fruits and vegetables and endurance athletes really can’t afford to rob their bodies of these key nutrients. This is a delicious and easy way to boost your health immediately.

    The Perfect Reds is generates lots of nitric oxide which super charges blood flow, increasing overall body oxygen levels, boosting your performance during competition or hard workouts.

  3. Right before and after a hard workout, take another serving of PerfectAmino. Your body doesn't wait until you're finished working out to start building and repairing, these essential amino acids enter the blood stream within 23 minutes so that it can be utilized to speed recovery and build and repair muscle right away.

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CJ Hitz
CJ Hitz

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