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Kids Jump At The Opportunity To Join Their High School Mountain Bike League!

by Brian Astell March 28, 2018 3 min read 0 Comments

Kids Jump At The Opportunity To Join Their High School Mountain Bike League!

TrailWorks is super excited to announce its partnership with the NorCal high school mountain bike league!

TrailWorks owner and BodyHealth sponsored athlete Brian Astell has just teamed up with the NorCal league! The NorCal league is one of the countries largest high school mountain bike leagues with over 1,130 athletes. 


I’ve been working with the NorCal league at various pre and mid season training camps for about 6 years now. The league and I have recently decided to make it official and announce our undying love for each other by partnering up starting this 2018 year.

I’m super excited to be working with the NorCal league not just at the camps but also at all the races as well! We are just finishing up putting together a really amazing advanced mountain bike skills curriculum that goes way above and beyond what is currently provided to the athletes.

TrailWorks will be working with both the coaches, racers and… if you’d like to be able to keep up with your kids, the parents, to teach advanced skills. One of the new terms you’ll be hearing thrown around is dynamic motion. I really enjoy making up terms that I think sound cool. But seriously… The meaning behind it is the way in which I teach. I saw the old style of teaching and I noticed there was a little bit of a void. Skills and positions were taught but I felt like racers were taught to get into these positions hold them but switching between positions seemed left out and technique always looked a little on the stiff and nervous side. The way I’m working with athletes teaches a ton of progressive and dynamic motion so that riders learn just how much movement and bike body separation mountain biking really entails from an early start. The curriculum is designed to teach riders to work with the bike, body weight, momentum, leverage rebound and compression to provide smooth, efficient, fast and safe riding. The cool thing about the new program is that its taught in a way that is extremely progressive and scaleable. You can take it as far as gravity, physics and comfort allows. Sounds pretty legit right!?

TrailWorks and NorCal High School Mountain Bike League - Bike rider riding through the finish line

I feel super fortunate to have had such a fun and exciting racing career racing professionally in many disciplines including cross country (short and long distance), xterra, cyclocross, and enduro. Sharing my love for riding and my accumulated knowledge of about 25 years is one of the most fun and fulfilling jobs I could ever imagine. I’m super appreciative to have the opportunity to work with such an amazing organization!

Overview of TrailWorks and NorCal High School Mountain Bike League training camp

A big thank you goes out to all my sponsors new and old, especially BodyHealth! I’ve been using the perfect amino for recovery, performance and maintenance. I’m constantly on the road, training and pushing myself and there is no doubt that the perfect amino has allowed me to perform harder than I’d be able to other wise!

Thanks again guys and I hope to see you all out on the trail sometime soon!
For more info on TrailWorks, the NorCal league or high school mountain bike racing in general just click the clinks! Or if all else fails copy and paste those babies! 

Learn more about TrailWorks and its founder, Brian Astell here - 

Learn more about NorCal High School's mountain bike league here -

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Brian Astell
Brian Astell

Brian Astell is a BodyHealth Team Member, pro mountain-bike rider and cyclocross racer. He also runs his company, TrailWorks, a premier mountain-bike and performance training clinic. You can learn more by visiting his website at:

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