Tips for Achieving Your Race Goals

by Cherie Gruenfeld January 23, 2017 2 min read

Tips for Achieving Your Race Goals

The process of getting ready for your big goal race of the season starts long before summer. If you want to achieve your highest potential during your goal race, you need to participate in months of strategic preparation to get your body performing at optimal levels. Below are some key tips to help you achieve your race goals:

Make It a Priority to Race Often

Building up your strength and endurance for that big race will be key to your success. Do this by organizing a calendar of your key races, and then scheduling in smaller events in between. Half-marathons are good practice for longer, more intensive triathlons. These can be good to incorporate into your race schedule as build up towards a big goal race, like the Ironman. Doing these races will keep you motivated and help uncover areas for improvement so that you perform at your best during your goal race of the season.

Focus on Technique

Technique and good form are imperative to any training regime. It can be tempting to push yourself to the limit, but you must first ensure you are training safely and properly – or you risk hurting yourself and not being able to race at all. Whether you are swimming, biking, running, or all three in a triathlon environment, ensure you maintain proper form.

Train or Race With Goals in Mind

Without goals, you have nothing to organize your training around. On race day, your goals will be a finish time for each different discipline, be it biking, running or swimming. These goals will keep you motivated as inevitable fatigue kicks in. During training, your goals will ensure you are working efficiently towards these goals. Take time to plan out your goals strategically to maximize success.

Maintain Consistency in Training

When you lay out your training schedule, do your best to stick to it. Don’t give up on a workout easily. You don’t want to cheat yourself out of the opportunity to do your best on race day. While there are certain things in life that are out of our control, be it family obligations or emergencies, do your best to stick to your schedule and rejig if it can’t be avoided.

Take Time to Rest and Recover

Without taking the adequate time to rest and let your body recover, all of your training could be for nothing. If you push yourself too hard, you could end up injuring yourself and not be able to compete in your goal race day at all. Make sure to take proper rest time between intervals in speed sessions, one day per week, one recovery week every 3 to 4 weeks in your training schedule, and after each training day.

BodyHealth’s PerfectAmino™ can be a powerful addition to your muscle recovery. PerfectAmino is formulated with the eight essential amino acids that are important to your body’s efficient use of protein, which is an integral factor for muscle healing, recovery and stamina.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Cherie Gruenfeld
Cherie Gruenfeld

Sixteen Ironman Age Group Wins Worldwide Nine-time World #1-ranked Amateur Ironman Triathlete. 2000 WTC Female Age Grouper of the Year 2001, 2007 USA Triathlon Female Grandmaster of the Year. Multiple-time USAT All-American Team (#1 Rank) "Everyday Champion" featured on Wheaties Energy Crunch cereal box. “My first triathlon was a Half IM in ’92 which qualified me for the IM World Championships in Kona. In ’92 in lived in Santa Monica, but now live in the Palm Springs desert with my husband, Lee, who is my biggest fan and supporter. He also writes and takes photos for the World Triathlon Corporation at many of my races. At the end of 2015, I announced my retirement from Ironman racing and am now focusing on 70.3s. My 2016 goal is to win the 70.3 World title in the W70-74 and setting a new course record.” For more information:

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