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The Ultimate Gift: 5 Tips for Leaving a Greater Legacy

by Jeff Spencer July 19, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

The Ultimate Gift: 5 Tips for Leaving a Greater Legacy

One of our most precious opportunities in life is the legacy we will leave. It’s an absolute certainty we’ll leave one as it’s as predictable as taxes and passing. Legacies are left on humanity’s permanent record for others to see for all of time. It will say a lot about us. Most significantly, about what we did with our time and talents.

Everything we do throughout our lifetime is our legacy. People are continuously impacting people by everything we do and say.

Most people assume that a legacy is something that is assembled toward the end of life that’s comprised of our most significant achievements.

Most, therefore, do what is in their personal best interest in the here and now throughout life, without fully considering the impact on their legacy.

That’s certainly one way of looking at it, but, it’s not exactly the complete story.

Everything we do throughout our lifetime is our legacy. People are continuously impacting people by everything we do and say. That, fortunately, gives us an immense opportunity to influence people for the positive to enrich their life experience and their legacy. In that way, a bit of us lives on through others that they pass on to others.

To create our most memorable and impactful legacy it’s important that it be considered throughout a lifetime as life unfolds. When that’s done it changes the context for decision making.

Choices tend to be more mindful and prudent, increased prosperity prevails and the likelihood of living a life of exceptional achievement and contribution improves.

Here are some simple suggestions to consider in building your best legacy:

  1. Each day consider how you’ll show up for others. Pledge to bring your A-game as an example for them to aspire to. 
  2. Call people to a higher game by encouraging them to go for more. 
  3. Thank someone for something they’ve done for you or have done for others. 
  4. Make a deliberate contribution to your legacy each day by doing an action or task that advances your life.
  5. Write one sentence in a journal about what you learned that day and what you’re grateful for. Your journal may be the best gift you leave, especially for your family. 
The world needs beacons of hope, courage and positive contribution. When actions and words are considered as opportunities to help others advance their life experience each moment takes on another level of importance. Every second does count.
Jeff Spencer
Jeff Spencer

At just nine years old, I used to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to practice hitting a baseball up and down our street. That competitive spirit led to winning a national championship at just ten years old and then becoming an Olympian at twenty-one. For the past forty years, I’ve been a professional student of human achievement. I’ve been driven by this unshakable question: why do some people succeed and others fail? After retiring from professional competition, I went back to school to earned advanced degrees in health and wellness. In the decades since then, I’ve worked with athletes in nearly every professional sport, Olympic gold medalists, and millionaire entrepreneurs. I’ve had a front-row seat as I watched these world-class achievers do what they do. For more information:

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