In Pace With Tina Muir

by Tina Muir March 01, 2017 4 min read

In Pace With Tina Muir

Tina Muir is a Team BodyHealth member and the host of the No. 1 rated running podcast, Run to the Top. A leader in the running world, Tina is re-launching her website, We recently had the chance to catch up with Tina for the very first installment of BodyHealth’s new article series, “In Pace With …”, and here’s what she had to say:

BodyHealth: You’re about to unveil a completely new website, blog, and newsletter ( — how stoked are you!?

Tina Muir: I am very excited about what is coming with my blog. As a perfectionist, it has bothered me having it “under construction” for the last few weeks, but I know it will be worth it as my web designer, Jen Rosario is already doing a fantastic job, and we are working with a photographer (Peter Chiapperino aka “Photocyclone”) to get some new photos, too. I just hope the readers like it as much as I do!

BodyHealth: Will the focus be more on community or on support/mentoring, or both?

Tina Muir: My website will mostly be focusing on helping my community with not only running but balancing in the rest of their lives. I don’t want to just offer running advice, but show my readers, my friends, that there is more to each of us than what we are able to achieve running. Of course, it is important, but I would like my website and community to be a place where people celebrate their successes and get stronger mentally and physically, but also learn to relax and have fun with it. After all, that is what it should be about!

BodyHealth: Why does the runner’s struggle often feel like a lonely one?

Tina Muir: We live in a world where we are addicted to social media, yet only willing to share the positive experiences with the world. Not really surprising, as why would you want to document a moment that doesn’t make you feel good, but either way, it leaves us feeling more insecure as we see the highlights of other peoples lives, and it makes us question our own. I like to share that not only do I have struggles and days where I wonder what I am doing with my life, but that you can get through those days, and enjoy the high moments even more if you accept those lows as part of your journey. I want to encourage my tribe to be vulnerable and to admit that we are only human, and that is okay!

BodyHealth: What is the biggest myth about running or competing that you hear, and what would you say in response?

Tina Muir: Other than the old “running is bad for your knees” lecture? ;) I would honestly say that 90% of people come up to me and begin with “I’m not fast like you, but……” and every time, they put down their own running accomplishments and explain to me why running is still important to them, even though they are not an elite. I always turn this right around as I know just how much time, energy, and heart every runner puts into their training, and it doesn’t matter if you run 1 mile or 100 miles, if you are out there doing it, you are a runner. I wish more people would not play down their own accomplishments because they feel they are not fast enough. I always tell them immediately that you ARE a runner, and you should be proud of yourself for committing to this and doing it. Running isn’t ever easy, so I give respect to everyone who puts themselves out there to do it.

BodyHealth: Can people get carried away with diets that are too healthy?

Tina Muir: Absolutely! This is something I have a really hard time not getting on my soapbox about :) I realize that fuel is important for my training, and for the most part, I spend a lot of time making sure I am putting the right fuel into my body for my training, but I still believe that every single day you should enjoy something you love to eat that isn’t great for you. For me, I love my sweets, and so I have a dessert every single day. Even if I have a marathon the next morning, I will still have a serving of chocolate or something sweet, because I think it is healthy to have that balance and to not become so obsessed with clean eating that all the fun is sucked out of eating. I practice this every day, and I don’t intend on giving up my favorite foods any time soon!

BodyHealth: Do folks (not just runners) sometimes forget to see the beauty and goodness that’s inside them, and what would you say to that?

Tina Muir: Oh, such a good question, and yes, without a doubt. This is something I feel very strongly about, and I am on a mission to show my readers, and as many people as possible, that they do have a true beauty inside that is far more important than a running accomplishment or looking like a runner. Each and every person has so much to offer this world, and it is only once they learn to appreciate themselves and what they have to offer, that they will be able to shine and show the world that beauty. I love to help people feel better about themselves, and although running can be a part of you, it should not define you, no action or activity should. What defines us is what is in our hearts and what we do to help others and become our very best selves.

Tina Muir
Tina Muir

I am an elite runner sponsored by Saucony. I began running when I was 14, and being originally from the UK, I loved true cross country courses (the muddier the better), and I realized I was actually pretty good at it. I came over to the US on a full ride scholarship and ended up as an 11 time All-American athlete at Ferris State in Michigan. I then completed my MBA at La Salle University while being an assistant coach. Now I am pursuing some big running goals while working as the Runners Connect Community Manager and Run to the Top Podcast host. I recently ran in the World Half Marathon Championships and the European Championships for Great Britain, which has been a lifelong dream of mine, and I ran a 4 minute PR in the marathon to run a 2:37. There are a few factors that went into these accomplishments, one of which is adding Perfect Amino to my fueling plan. As a runner, what you put in your body to help with recovery can make all the difference, and Body Health has given me another way to make it nice and easy. I take 5-10 Perfect Amino either just after a workout or during the longer ones, and I know it has made a difference to how I have been able to perform and recover on a daily basis. This summer I have a few races coming up on the East Coast, and then I will be racing the California International Marathon in December.

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