Ideal Pacing Is The Fastest Way Into The Winner’s Circle

by Jeff Spencer August 17, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Ideal Pacing Is The Fastest Way Into The Winner’s Circle

IDEAL: Few things are more spectacular to see than someone performing at their best. And, it can be anything, not just sports.

I was watching a New York City window washer cleaning a window suspended outside the building on a movable platform he was secured so that would prevent him falling dozens of floors if the platform failed.

What was most impressive was the way he used his squeegee. In one single pass he could perfectly clean a window from top to bottom making gentle swipes side to side keeping the water mixed with the cleaner moving across the glass pane so at the bottom of the pane with one swipe of a towel the water was removed and the beautifully cleaned glass remained behind. It was the equivalent of watching talented artist painting an extraordinary painting without making a mistake.

It seemed the speed of how fast the squeegee moved across the glass was the key to the one-pass flawless cleaning.

He wasn’t racing to get the cleaning done in least time but intentionally maintaining a brisk pace that carried the water to the bottom of the glass before it dried on the pane but not so fast the water failed to loosen the dirt and grit on the glass.

The pace of his partner’s squeegee on his right seemed too fast as the water at the bottom flowed over the panes edge.

And, conversely, his partner on his left squeegee pace seemed too slow as the water seemed to dry on the glass leaving water marks and it didn’t glide on the glass like his squeegee did.

That speed sweet spot looked to be about 90% full speed.

I watched him do this again on another glass pane.

Same as before – smooth, controlled, brisk pace with clean swipe at the bottom to remove the dirty water.

Another observation was that he seemed in flow and enjoying himself while his too fast partner seemed stressed to the hilt to finish and his too slow partner seemed frustrated at the water spots and lack of progress.

To perform well at anything requires ideal pacing. If we’re too fast or slow getting to the finish line both end in less than optimal performance and disappointment.

Jeff Spencer
Jeff Spencer

At just nine years old, I used to wake up at 4:30 a.m. to practice hitting a baseball up and down our street. That competitive spirit led to winning a national championship at just ten years old and then becoming an Olympian at twenty-one. For the past forty years, I’ve been a professional student of human achievement. I’ve been driven by this unshakable question: why do some people succeed and others fail? After retiring from professional competition, I went back to school to earned advanced degrees in health and wellness. In the decades since then, I’ve worked with athletes in nearly every professional sport, Olympic gold medalists, and millionaire entrepreneurs. I’ve had a front-row seat as I watched these world-class achievers do what they do. For more information:

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