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Approach Your Weight Loss Strategically

by BodyHealth Representatives August 25, 2017 8 min read 0 Comments

Approach Your Weight Loss Strategically

Strategic Approach to Weight Loss

According to the National Institute of Health two-thirds of the U.S. Population is overweight or obese.

In the wake of this epidemic a multibillion dollar industry of weight loss programs, supplements, and snake oil has ballooned to feed on the problem.

There are hundreds, literally hundreds of weight-loss products out there, each cherry-picking partial information to back up their claims.

Doctors, nutritionists, self-proclaimed gurus, and overnight fitness experts are popping out new books every day and everyone says something a little bit different. And just to complicate things a little more, new discoveries happen all the time, sometimes totally invalidating previous dogma!

Information Obesity: Complicating a Complex Problem

In fact, navigating the sheer volume of information is almost more challenging than losing weight. So much of it is contradictory and you may end up combining different approaches in a way that actually makes your efforts less effective.

The biomachinery of our metabolism is incredibly complex with many interconnecting links and feedback loops. Different supplements address different links in the chain of your metabolism – each with a different effect, different consequences. You have to choose carefully, deliberately, to get a maximum synergistic effect.

The same goes with diet. Different dietary regimes have a different biochemical composition that has different consequences in your system. You need the right diet to complement your supplement.

Cut Through the Fat with Proven Solutions

So how do you know which way to go? How can you determine which approach is best? What supplements are going to give you real results?

Often, the best solutions are those that have stood the test of time, proving to be more than a mere fad. There are powerful plants that have been used to help humans with their health for millennia with a proven track record and zero side-effects.

But we cannot stop there, we need to go beyond superstition and research how these medicines work so we can know how to best use them in our modern multi-cultural, interconnected world.

We scoured the globe, investigating herbal medicines in different cultures around the world to see what has worked in the past, and how it stands up to modern scientific rigor.

A Strategically Designed Herbal Weight Loss Formula

Healthy-Thin Energize is a totally new approach to weight loss supplements, strategically designed with all natural ingredients. Drawing on modern scientific research, we use powerful herbal medicines to specifically target key processes in your metabolism for maximum results.

No random shotgunning of a thousand different things.

Each ingredient is added to our formula for a specific reason.

And it works.

Let’s take a closer look.


HOW WE GET FAT: A Crash Course in Metabolism

Before we take a single bite, it all starts with the impulse to eat – that signal in our brain that tells us we are hungry.

Next comes the choice of food, and this is not as straight forward as you may think. Our culture, our lifelong habits, our body’s nutritional needs, and even our gut bacteria influence our perceptions of desire that ultimately create our food choices.

Then comes the fun part: Eating! And now the complex dance of metabolic machinery begins.

Our stomach, gallbladder and pancreas release acids and enzymes to break down the food into smaller digestible. As it is broken down, it is released into the small intestine where the processed food begins to be absorbed. For our purposes here, we will focus on fat and sugar.

Sugar is absorbed directly into the blood and very quickly and triggers the release of insulin, which helps your cells take in nutrition from the blood. Too much sugar starts getting turned into fat and too much too often will eventually lead to insulin insensitivity: diabetes.

Meanwhile, in the small intestine, fats are sent off to the liver for further processing. The liver handles all the more complicated molecules to digest, which includes toxins like alcohol, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other harmful compounds.

Different kinds of fats get processed differently. Omega 3s are used to make different chemicals the body needs like hormones. Trans-fats and overabundant Omega6 fats turn into cholesterol or end up in adipose tissue: fat cells. These same fat cells also end up storing a lot of the toxins from the liver.

Once they are here, the fat and toxins stay here, waiting for the right signals to be released.

3 Strategic Targets for Optimum Weight Loss

With weight loss as our goal, there are three important strategic sites in this little map of metabolism.

  1. Appetite itself.
  2. Uptake/storage of sugar and fat
  3. Stimulating the metabolism of fat

Let’s look at each of these in turn and see how we can target them with safe, natural supplements with long histories of traditional use.

1) The Kalahari Bushman Remedy for Hunger

In the south African bush food can sometimes be hard to find. When it’s time to go on a long hunt, the San Bushmen turn to a plant called Hoodia Gordinii to get them through the lean times. It helps them to be satisfied with the smallest amount of food, sated on a calorie-restricted diet [1,2]

So how does it work?

It contains a special protein called P-57 that acts on the hypothalamus, the nerve center of appetite control, to signal you are full. [3]

2) Block Carb Uptake and Stay Lean with this Ayurvedic Herb

Despite its long use in the millennia-old medical tradition of Ayurveda, Salacia Reticulata is relatively unknown in the west. This remarkable plant is a weight-loss powerhouse that primarily targets our second strategic link in the metabolic chain: carbohydrate uptake. It decreases sugar absorption by the small intestine, increases insulin sensitivity, and blocks lipase activity which decreases fat absorption.

It has been shown to lower cholesterol, and even stimulate the breakdown of fat, our third target. [4-6]

3) Burn Fat and Shed Pounds with the world’s most Medicinal Melon

Momordica charantia, commonly known as bitter melon, is one of the most widely used herbal medicines in the world, with long traditions of use in South America, India, China, Japan, Central Asia, and the Middle East. It is a plant of many, many uses, but the most common is for issues around blood sugar like diabetes.

With it’s long use in traditional medicine, it is now widely researched with over 1000 published articles investigating its benefits. It lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, improves glucose regulation, and is particularly effective in stimulating the metabolism of fat, our third major strategic target [7-9].

Bonus 4th Target: Importance of Diet

In between the impulse to eat (your appetite) and the biochemical dance of metabolism which form our 3 primary targets in Healthy-Thin Energize, there is one more key strategic point we need to address: Food Choice

This system we designed works best with a paleo-style diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates easily break down into sugars which in turn get stored in adipose tissue.

The paleo diet works with the body’s metabolism, providing the kinds of nutrition it naturally processes most easily and efficiently. With this final strategic component of the Healthy-Thin Energize system, your weight management is managed at 4 key points, creating an overall effect that boosts your energy and health while you lose weight.

4-Way Metabolic Power Combo

Between these three potent herbs and a solid meal plan, Healthy-Thin Energize effectively targets 4 separate metabolic links to create a concerted action for effective weight loss.

But even with this multi-layered approach, there are naturally potential downsides.

Doesn’t Less Food Mean Less Energy?

With the combined action of these plants, you might think Healthy-Thin Energize would actually leave you feeling sluggish and tired without enough fuel to get you through the day. If you eat less, and absorb less of your food, so how do you stay alert?

First of all, by stimulating the metabolism of fat, you’ll have plenty of energy. Fat is very energy dense, but it can take time to adjust, so in our formulation we’ve added Cha De Bugre to help you maintain your energy.

Cha de Bugre is renowned throughout Brazil as “Coffee of the Woods” where it is brewed in massive vats to fuel the all-night revelry of their festivals (not to mention the infamous Brazillian Bikini body). It provides a clean energy without the stimulating jitters of too much caffeine.

It’s also stimulates the metabolism of fat*, fitting right into our 3-part strategy while keeping your energy levels high.


Weight Loss Toxicity: Our Natural Solution

As your body processes its fat stores, toxins that are trapped in with the fat are released and need to be processed by your liver. This can overload the liver and toxins can end up in other parts of your system and cause all sorts of troubles!

So, in order help your body properly deal with the increased toxic load, we added a special formula to support your liver, lymph flow, and urinary system. These include:

  • Vitamin B6 (Pyrodoxine)
  • Buchu Extract
  • Corn Silk Extract
  • Dandelion Root Extract
  • Parsley Seed Extract

Together, these herbs support your elimination system, making weight loss easier on your whole body.


Now With Coffee Berry Extract: Powerhouse of Antioxidant Protection

We’re almost at a comprehensive well-rounded weight-loss approach, but there is still one more loose end before we can call this a complete solution.

Increasing metabolism and releasing stored toxins both have one more side effect we need to address: they increase the presence of free-radicals in the body. Free radicals oxidize and corrode cellular membranes, damage DNA, destroy proteins, and can even cause cell death.

To help protect your body, we’ve added Coffee Berry Extract, one of the richest sources of antioxidants and polyphenols nature has to offer. These compounds neutralize free-radicals, and help maintain healthy, normal function of all your cell’s processes.


Healthy-Thin Energize: A Powerful Fusion of Traditional Medical Wisdom with the Modern Science of Metabolism

In Healthy-Thin Energize, we have taken a totally revolutionary approach compared to standard weight loss supplements. 

First we found the best of traditional medicine around the world. Then we validated its action with scientific research. And finally, we created our formulation based on a targeted, synergistic balance that will maximize your results without the side effects so common in diet fads and pharmaceutical “miracle pills”.

If you are confused by all the conflicting information or just tired of the parade of “quick fix” solutions that don’t work, we invite you to give our approach a try and see the results for yourself.

It comes with a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, so the only thing you have to lose are those extra pounds.



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