A Windy and Cold Santa Rosa 70.3 - Update from Cherie Gruenfeld

by Cherie Gruenfeld May 25, 2017 1 min read

Athletic woman running through the snow in the woods.

I just returned from doing Santa Rosa 70.3.

We all have areas of weakness, or what I like to refer to as: “Something I don’t do very well.”

I don’t do well in cold – water or air. And Santa Rosa was a real challenge in both areas.

The good news about this weakness is that there’s a counterbalance. I handle heat and humidity better than many. But I digress – this weekend was not about heat and humidity.

Entering the water, I looked like the Michelin Man. I had as many layers under my wetsuit and on my head as was possible. I set a new PR in T1 – for slow. With frozen hands, it took nearly twelve minutes to peel off all the layers and put on new layers to start the bike, which started with a bone-chilling three mile downhill.

It was a beautiful ride, which helped take my mind off the chilly winds and by T2, I was warmed up and ready to run.

I crossed the finish line in 6:23 which won the age group and, considering the unusually long transition times, I was happy with that.

As always, it was Perfect Amino that helped my day. It starts during training, where I use it before and after every workout. And on race day, regardless of challenges presented, I have confidence, knowing I’m strong and prepared.


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