LTC Ed's Journal | May 2015

by Ed Arntson May 28, 2015 2 min read

Two soldiers standing in a sunset for LTC Ed's Journal | May 2015

by Major Edward Arntson - US Army Ranger

Good afternoon from Texas.

As I have transitioned into a new job as the Brigade Operations Officer for 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division - my time and my recovery from training are both becoming more and more important.

My time for training is absolutely critical because I must be judicious and efficient with my time in my new job. It isn’t uncommon to work late into the evening hours and report back for work early the next morning before the sun has risen. This makes my time to train - usually 60-70 minutes each morning - precious. I have to maximize every minute of this time to keep my fitness at a high level.

I also must continue to recover quickly from training - which is where PerfectAmino comes in. Following each training session, I take 5-10 PerfectAminos to aid in recovery. As I am generally off and running by 0930, I can’t be sluggish or tired from training that morning. Perfect Amino helps me bounce back and start the day right.

I have been working on my endurance during this current cycle - efforting runs of 5-6 miles (that’s not very long to some folks) several days per week and working on developing my muscular endurance 2-3 days per week. My current work foot print does not contain a gym so it’s been fun to re-attack bodyweight exercises (with some DB and KB exercises) as the primary method of upper/lower body strength training.

Also - I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention BodyHealth Complete + Detox Multi-vit. I take 2-4 daily and they help keep my system regulated…if I go to the field or miss taking them for several days in a row due to work, I definitely feel the effect.

Take care and thanks for what you guys do. On this Memorial Day I am thankful to have the ability to train hard, to sweat, and to experience the joy of pushing through difficult training. It is an ability afforded to me and other Americans due to the sacrifice of many men on battlefields across the world - over several generations. Training, working out - whatever you want to call it - is a key part of living life to its fullest for me….and it was bought at a price.

Keep training. Keep working hard…each session was bought and paid for by men and women of the Armed Forces of past and current generations.


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