The Healing Reset - Bringing Back Balance (Part 1)

April 28, 2022 2 min read

Jessica Lowe smiling on a blue background.

Jessica Lowe, the host of The Healing Reset podcast, says, "if you're suffering from chronic severe illness, viruses, or an autoimmune disease then this podcast is for you." In this episode of The Healing Reset, Dr. Minkoff shares his successes of his functional medicine clinic in Florida and how he has spent the last decades researching and dealing with all types of chronic illnesses, from cancer to rheumatoid arthritis. 

This episode of The Healing Reset covers: 

  • 2:33 - Dr. Minkoff shares how his wife removed her fillings and how the aftermath opened his eyes to functional medicine after she became mercury toxic.
  • 12:42 - Dr. Minkoff explains how doctors are chasing a pharmaceutical remedy to address major health issues. His goal is to solve patients’ health issues -  without unnecessary medications.
  • 17:39 - While Dr. Minkoff creates a specific treatment plan for cancer patients, he begins with what kills cancer cells. Various treatments in his clinic, diet changes, and supplements. He shares a success story of how this eliminated a patient’s stomach cancer, while not always common, this can occur.
  • 25:28 - Dr. Minkoff’s practice offers patients treatments that help. It provides value to your overall health. “Death by 1,000 cuts instead of an atomic bomb.” as Dr. Minkoff says - showing that one sweeping treatment plan for an ailment/disease is not the solution for everyone. 
  • 37:02 - Immune systems can get confused. Dr. Minkoff shares that our bodies may not recognize our proper “tags.” You need to  find the source that is triggering an autoimmune disease. The immune system tends to settle down once the toxins and infections that initially caused this.
  • 40:13 - Through diagnostic testing, Dr. Minkoff shares a story of a patient that he treated originally of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Through his testing and treatment plan they were able to treat her underlying issues and in her follow up scans it showed zero sign of a rheumatoid factor. The body stopped making the disease because it didn’t need to anymore.

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