The Fit and Fabulous Podcast | Dr. Jaime Seeman Interview with Dr. David Minkoff

by Dr. David Minkoff March 21, 2022 3 min read

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Dr. Jaime Seeman, a board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist with a background in Nutrition, Exercise and Health Science, is the host of The Fit and Fabulous Podcast. Her podcast is meant to help listeners find their ‘human optimization’ with her knowledge in Integrative Medicine and as a Board Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist. Highlighting how living a healthy lifestyle will help avoid chronic illness. 

In this podcast, Dr. Jaime Seeman and Dr. Minkoff talk about alternative wellness practices, how your diet impacts your risk for chronic illness, and not only is illness avoidable but reversible. 

This episode of The Fit and Fabulous Podcast covers:

  • 14:36 - Dr. Minkoff covers how you can ‘out-do your genes’ by living a healthy lifestyle. He advises that living a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards avoiding the leading diseases that kill people. Which include: Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer, and mistreatment by doctors. These conditions can be reversed and Dr. Minkoff has made a career reversing these conditions through diet and lifestyle changes.
  • 18:19 - Dr. Minkoff shares why he decided to begin a vegetarian lifestyle. He touches on after attending a medical conference and how making the switch to a Paleo Diet seemed like a better fit for him. However, after making this switch his blood sugar levels began to climb leading him to living a Keto Diet now. This directly translates to avoiding heart disease and diabetes.
  • 27:35 - Dr. Minkoff speaks on his approach for patients with late stage Cancer diagnosis and how it differs from the approach of Western Medicine medical professionals. This includes extensive research of the cells, gives an exact look into what will be best to treat that patient and how not using a ‘one size fits all’ drug for treating Cancer produces better treatment results. Using only 10% of the Chemotherapy drugs that Oncologists use with an IV mixture of other natural remedies help avoid the standard side effects patients experience during chemotherapy - allowing them to heal and feel better while they do.
  • 30:15 - Dr. Minkoff shares a success story of a patient with an extremely rare Mesothelioma diagnosis. After failed treatment from a large cancer institute, she sought out Dr. Minkoff for any help he could provide. In four months, she had a negative PET scan. Now at her recent 6 month visit, she has begun running 6 miles a day. While it’s not everyone’s story - Dr. Minkoff's approach to treatment is beneficial in building immune systems nonetheless.  
  • 32:34- “Our bodies are made out of protein. The basic structure is protein.” Dr. Minkoff shares the science of amino acids and why it is important to have the exact ratio of amino acids for optimal health. Most people don’t realize they are not getting enough essential amino acids, leading to protein deficiencies. Once Dr. Minkoff realized he was also one of those people, he began taking these EAAs and he immediately saw and felt results.
  • 41:23 - Dr. Minkoff offers a free download of his book, The Search for the Perfect Protein. You’ll learn how this exact ratio of EAAs in PerfectAmino will take your health, wellness, and fitness to the next level.
  • 50:10 - Heavy metals are everywhere. Dr. Minkoff explains his research on heavy metals toxicity and the importance of detoxing the body in a slow and strategic way to make sure it doesn’t worsen the illness and symptoms patients are experiencing, causing them more harm than good.
  • 54:48 - Dr. Minkoff takes listeners through why he believes Peptide Therapy is so beneficial. He has seen them work miracles at his practice for reversing Parkinson’s Disease, Premature Dementia, and even restoring eye function.

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